Helmut Norpoth


HN1   Professor

Professor. Ph.D., University of Michigan, 1974.

Department of Political Science

SUNY at Stony Brook 
Stony Brook, N.Y. 11794-4392

(631) 632-7640 (office)
(631) 632-4116 (fax)

Research Interests: Electoral Behavior; Public Opinion; Wartime Elections;Economic Voting; Electoral Realignment (particularly New Deal); Electoral Forecasting

Curriculum Vitae

Course Offerings and Syllabi


POL317 American Election Campaigns

POL318 Voters and Elections

POL336 U.S. Foreign Policy


POL617 Electoral Behavior

Research and Recent Publications

"Fighting to Win: Wartime Morale in the American Public" with Andrew H. Sidman (2012)

"Yes, Prime Minister: The Key to Forecasting British Elections" with Matthew Lebo (2011)

"The New Deal Realignment in Real Time" with Andrew H. Sidman and Clara Suong

"History and Primary: The Obama Re-election" with Michael Bednarczuk

"Guns 'N Jobs: The FDR Legacy" with Alexa Bankert

Models and Forecasting

2012 Forecast

Primary Model

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Department of Political Science • Social and Behavioral Sciences Building, 7th Floor, Stony Brook, NY 11794-4392 • Phone: 631-632-7650 • Fax: 631-632-4116
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