Reuben Kline



Reuben Kline

Assistant Professor 

(631) 632-7664 (office)

(631) 632-4116 (fax)

Research interests: Behavioral Economics, Political Economy, Experimental Social Science, Political Behavior and Public Opinion, Corruption, Party Systems

Curriculum Vitae

Course Offerings and Syllabi

Undergraduate Level

POL103 Introduction to Comparative Politics (Spring2012 Syllabus) (Fall2012 Syllabus)

Graduate Level

POL501 Introduction to Statistics for Public Policy

POL610 Experimental Design and Methods

POL670 Behavioral Economics for Political Science

Recent Publications

How Many Parties are There, Really? A New Measure of the Ideologically Cognizable Number of Parties/Party Groupings. 2011, Party Politics. (with Bernard Grofman)

I’m Not Voting for Her: Polling Discrepancies and Female Candidates. 2011, Political Behavior. (with Christopher Stout)


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Department of Political Science • Social and Behavioral Sciences Building, 7th Floor, Stony Brook, NY 11794-4392 • Phone: 631-632-7650 • Fax: 631-632-4116
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