Albert Cover


Associate Professor
Ph.D., Yale University, 1976.

Research Interests: American Politics; Congressional and Presidential Elections.

Department of Political Science
SUNY at Stony Brook 
Stony Brook, N.Y. 11794-4392
(631) 632-7661 (office)
(631) 632-4116 (fax)


Curriculum Vitae


POL 102 Introduction to American Government

POL 322 The Presidency

POL 323 Legislative Process


Books and Chapters in Books

"Congressional Dynamics and the Decline of Competitive Congressional Elections" (with David R. Mayhew) in Congress Reconsidered, ed. Lawrence C. Dodd and
Bruce I. Oppenheimer (New York: Praeger Publishers, 1977).

Revised and updated "Congressional Dynamics and the Decline of Competitive Congressional Elections," second edition, Congress Reconsidered 1981.


"The Constitutionality of Campaign Expenditure Ceilings," in Policy Studies Journal, II, 4, (Summer 1974).

"The 94th Congress and its Committees" (with David Mayhew) published by Center for Information on America, 1975.

"One Good Term Deserves Another: The Advantage of Incumbency in Congressional Elections," American Journal of Political Science, XXI, 3 (August 1977). Revised version of an earlier APSA paper.

"Contacting Congressional Constituents: Some Patterns of Perquisite Use," American Journal of Political Science, XXIV, 1
(February 1980).

"Baby Books and Ballots: The Impact of Congressional Mail Constituent Opinion" LXXVI, 2 (with Bruce Brumberg) in American
Political Science Review, (June 1982). Reprinted in Donald Kinder and Tom Palfrey (eds.), Experimental Foundations of Political
Science (University of Michigan, 1992).

"Seniority in the House: Patterns and Projections," American Politics Quarterly, XI, 4 (October 1983).

"The Electoral Impact of Franked Congressional Mail,"Polity, XVII, 4 (Summer 1985).

"Surge and Decline in Congressional Elections,"Western Political Quarterly, XXXVIII, 4 (December 1985).

"Party Competence Evaluations and Voting For Congress," Western Political Quarterly, XXXVIII, 2 (June 1986).

"The President's Party in Midterm Elections: Going From Bad to Worse," (with Alan Abramowitz and Helmut Norpoth), American
Journal of Political Science, XXX, 3 (August 1986).

"Presidential Evaluations and Voting for Congress," American Journal of Political Science, XXX, 4 (November 1986).

"The Role of Ideology in the Senate Confirmation of Supreme Court Justices," (with Jeffrey Segal and Charles Cameron) Kentucky Law Journal, LXXVII, 3 (1988-1989).

"Ideological Values and the Votes of Supreme Court Justices," (with Jeffrey Segal), American Political Science Review, LXXXIII,
2 (June 1989).

"Senate Voting on Supreme Court Nominees: A Neoinstitutional Model," (with Charles Cameron and Jeffrey Segal), American
Political Science Review, LXXXIV, 2 (June 1990).

"A Spatial Model of Roll Call Voting: Senators, Constituents, Presidents and Interest Groups in Supreme Court Confirmations,"
(with Jeffrey Segal and Charles Cameron), American Journal of Political Science, XXXVI, 1 (February 1992).

"The Electoral Consequences of Perquisite Use: The Casework Case," (with George Serra) Legislative Studies Quarterly, XVII, 2
(May 1992). The Electoral Impact of Casework, (with George Serra) Electoral Studies, XIV, 2 (June 1995).

"Voting Behavior in the US House and Senate: Regional Shifts and Contemporary Changes in Party Coalitions." (with George Serra and Neil Pinney) Party Politics(April 1997).

"Ideological Cohesion Between Congress and the President: Does the Road to the White House Matter?" (with George Serra and Neil Pinney) The Journal of Legislative Studies (Summer 1997).


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