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The Political Science Department at Stony Brook has a long tradition of placing students in positions at the finest research and liberal arts schools in the country. For a list of jobs our former students now hold, go to Job Placements. This year's candidates are no exception to the legacy of excellence political scientists have come to expect from Stony Brook. Here are this year's candidates:


Alexa Bankert

Major/Minor: Political Psychology/American Politics
Degrees: B.A., Political Science, Free University of Berlin
Research and Teaching Interests: Intergroup Relations, Political Ideology and Critical Theory, Experimental Research Methods
Website :www.alexabankert.com


Raynee Gutting

Major/Minor: Political Psychology/Political Economy
Degrees: B.A., Psychology, UCLA
Research and Teaching Interests: Protest and Social Movements, Public Opinion, Political Behavior, Intergroup Relations, Behavioral Economics, Quantiative Methods
Website: https://sites.google.com/a/stonybrook.edu/rayneegutting/


Matthew Harris

(Graduate Council Fellowship Award)
Major/Minor: American Politics
Degrees: B.A., Political Science and TV/Radio/Films, Syracuse University
Research and Teaching Interests: Electoral Behavior, Public Opinion


Jeeyoung Park

Major/Minor: Political Economy / American Politics
Degrees: B.A., Political Science, Chung-Ang University
M.A., International Relations, Seoul National University
M.A., Environmental Economics, Duke University
Research and Teaching Interests: Political Prediction Market, Voting Behavior, Political Methodology

David Stack

Major/Minor: American Politics/Political Economy
Degrees: B.A., Political Science, Boston College 
M.A., Public Policy, Stony Brook University   
Research and Teaching Interests: Elections, Parties and Interest Groups, Bureaucracy 






Class of 2015 - currently in progress

Karyn Amira, 2015, tenure track, College of Charleston
Richard Cho, 2015, 
Raynee Gutting, 2015, tenure track, Loyola Marymount University
Matthew Harris, 2015, Sam Houston State University
Patrick Lown, 2015, research fellow, University of Essex - U.K.
Yamil Velez, 2015, tenure track, Wesleyan University 
Class of 2014, - 100%  academic ( 80% tenure track, 20%, 20% post-doc)
April Johnson, 2014, tenure track, Kennesaw State University
Joshua Johnson, 2014, Post-Doctoral fellowship, Washington University, St. Louis
Lillianna Mason, 2014, tenure track, University of Maryland
Nicholas Seltzer, 2014, tenure track, University of Nevada
Julie Wronski, 2014, tenure track, University of Mississippi 

Class of 2013, - 100% academic ( 66% tenure track, 33% post-doc)
Kathleen Donovan -  tenure track, St. John Fisher College
Martijn Schoonvelde - post-doctoral fellowship at European Union Institute in Florence - Italy
Benjamin Woodson - tenure track at University of Missouri- Kansas City


Class of 2012, 100% academic (100% tenure track)
Roland Kappe – tenure track at University College of London
Ellen Key – tenure track at Appalachian State
Ben Newman – tenure track at University of Connecticut

Class of 2011, 100% academic (all tenure track)
Christopher Johnston – tenure track at Duke University
Andrew O’Geen – tenure track at Davidson College
Christopher Parker – tenure track at Centenary College of Louisiana
Angel Saavedra – tenure track at University of Texas Pan American

Class of 2010, 100% academic (83% tenure track, 17% post-doc)
Gizem Arikan - tebure track at Yasar University
Pazit Ben-Nun-Bloom – tenure track at Hebrew University of Jerusalem
Marie Courtemanche – tenure track at Theil College 
Naser Javaid – tenure track at Roosevelt College
Jacob Sohlberg – tenure track at Lund University
Brad Verhulst – post-doctoral fellowship at Virginia Commonwealth University (on market Fall 2012)

Class of 2009, 100% academic (all tenure track)
Gizem Arikan – tenure track at Yasar University
Cengiz Erisen – tenure track at  TOBB Univeristy of Economics and Technology, Turkey
Mary-Kate Lizotte – tenure track at Birmingham Southern University 
Maxwell Mak – tenure track at John Jay College 
Everett Young – visiting assistant professor at Washington University SL, then private sector

Class of 2008, 100% academic (all tenure track)
Tony Carey – tenure track at University of North Texas
Elif Erisen – tenure track at California Polytechnic University
Todd Hartman – tenure track at Appalachian State University
Christopher Weber – tenure track at Louisiana State University




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