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Hire a Stony Brook Ph.D

The Political Science Department at Stony Brook has a long tradition of placing students in positions at the finest research and liberal arts schools in the country. For a list of jobs our former students now hold, go to Job Placements. This year's candidates are no exception to the legacy of excellence political scientists have come to expect from Stony Brook. Here are the 2017-2018 candidates:

Nechama Horowitz
Research Interests: Social Identities, Collective Action and Political Participation, and Public Opinion

Patrick Kraft
Research Interests: Political Attitudes and Behavior, Ideology and Moral Reasoning, Text Analysis, Measurement, Causal Inference, Experimental Methods
Teaching Interests: Ideology, Political Cognition, American Politics, Research Methods, Statistics 

William Pollock
Research Interests:
Political Demeanor and Discourse, Political Knowledge, Issue Voting, Media Coverage and Effects
Teaching Interests: American Politics, Research Methods, Public Opinion

Johanna Willmann
Research Interests: Voting Behavior, Public Opinion, Comparative Politics, Attitude Change, Implicit Attitudes




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