Megan Craig

Megan Craig

Associate Professor
Masters Program Director
Ph.D. The New School for Social Research, 2007
B.A. Yale University, 1997

Harriman Hall 244
Stony Brook University
Stony Brook, NY 11794-3750
Tel: (631) 632-7570

Megan Craig is a painter and an assistant professor of Philosophy and Art at Stony Brook University. She teaches courses in aesthetics, ethics, French phenomenology, and American philosophy. She also has strong interests in psychoanalysis. Her first book, Levinas and James: Toward a Pragmatic Phenomenology, was published with Indiana University Press in November of 2010. She edited the text Art? No Thing, Analogies between Science, Art, and Philosophy, by the Dutch artist and theorist Fré Ilgen. Recent articles include “Deleuze and the Force of Color,” “James and the Ethical Importance of Grace,” “The Infinite in Person: Levinas and Emily Dickinson,” “Locked-In,” “Cora’s World,” and “Slipping Glancer: Painting Place with Edward Casey.” Craig’s new research is focused around accounts of memory, sensibility, and the ethical importance of ambiguity – with a particular focus on sensation, synesthesia, color and color perception. Craig has exhibited her paintings nationally and internationally. You can find more information about exhibitions and images of her work at

Areas of Interest

Emmanuel Levinas's ethics; the relationship between Levinas's phenomenology and William James's radical empiricism; and the aesthetic dimensions of Levinas's prose; memory and trauma in Freud and Kristeva; subjectivity and embodiment; and notions of experience, limits, and pivots phenomenology and painting; considering the state of painting after the "death" of painting; the challenges contemporary art poses to traditional aesthetic categories; and the value of phenomenology for destabilizing philosophic discourse on art.


Recent Publications


  • Levinas and James: Toward a Pragmatic Phenomenology (Indiana: Indiana University Press, 2010)
  • Fré Ilgen, Art? No Thing! Analogies between Art, Science and Philosophy (Netherlands: PRO Foundation, 2004). 395 pages / 32 color.


  • “Slipping Glancer: Painting Place with Ed Casey.” Exploring the Work of Edward S. Casey: Giving Voice to Place, Memory and Imagination (London: Bloomsbury Publishing). Forthcoming.
  • “Cora’s World.” American Philosophical Association Newsletter for Feminism and Philosophy, Vol. 2, no. 10, Spring 2011.
  • “James and the Ethical Importance of Grace.” James and the Open Future. Ed. John Stuhr, forthcoming with Indiana University Press.
  • “Deleuze and the Force of Color.” Philosophy Today, vol. 35 (2010) 177 - 187.
  • “The Infinite in Person: Levinas and Dickinson.” Dickinson and Philosophy. Ed. Marianne Noble, forthcoming with Cambridge University Press.
  • “Locked-In.” The Journal of Speculative Philosophy, vol. 22, no. 3 (2008) 145 – 158.
  • “Lights in the Dark: The Radical Empiricism of Emmanuel Levinas and William James.” Pli – The Warwick Journal of Philosophy, vol. 18 (2007) 84 – 107. (Refereed).


  • Video of Megan giving a talk at the School of Visual Arts

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Spring 2016 Colloquia


Collegium Workshop: Adam Israel

February 12th
3:00-5:00 pm


Faculty/Student Research Colloquium:
Prof. Gabrielle Jackson and Brendan Conuel

February 24th
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Lecture: Katja Vogt

February 25th
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Silverman Award Lecture: Harrison Fluss

March 10th
4:30 pm


PhD Recruitment Roundtable

March 23rd
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Karen Burke Lecture: Sabrina Hom

March 24th


Graduate Colloquium: 
Jennifer Carter and Catherine Carol

March 30th
1:00 pm

Lecture: Zhang Ji, Visiting Scholar

April 7th
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Faculty/Student Research Colloquium: 
Prof. Jeff Edwards and Soren Whited

April 27th
1:00 pm


Bodies and Race Symposium

May 5th and 6th

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