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Spring 2016

Please click here for a list, complete with descriptions, of the Spring 2016 doctoral course offerings.  Thank you. [PDF]



Stony Brook Philosophy PhD Seminars 2015/16


Fall 2015

 PHI 630          Deleuze

(Contemporary Phil.-Continental Philosophy Seminar*)

Prof. Ed Casey


PHI 602          Modern Moral Philosophy and Kant’s Theory of Autonomy

(History of Philosophy-Modern)

Prof. Jeff Edwards


PHI 637          Feminist Epistemology

(Contemporary Phil.-Epistemology)

Prof. Gabrielle Jackson


PHI 601          Medieval Philosophy

(History of Philosophy-Medieval and/or Renaissance)

Prof. Lee Miller


Spring 2016


PHI 603          Before Consciousness: Hegel’s Theory of the Soul (‘Anthropology’)

(History of Philosophy-19th century)

Prof. Allegra de Laurentiis


PHI 631          Consciousness: Contemporary Controversies and Scientific Advances

(Contemporary Phil.-Analytic Philosophy Seminar*)

Prof. Patrick Grim


PHI 619          Philosophy and Disabilities Studies: the Challenge of Disability to Philosophy

(Interface Studies-Special Topics)

Prof. Eva Kittay


PHI 600          Plato

(History of Philosophy-Ancient)

Prof. Alan Kim


PHI 623          Teaching Practicum**

Prof. Mary Rawlinson


PHI 639          Hermeneutics and Critical Theory

(Contemporary Phil.-Social and Political)

Prof. Lorenzo Simpson


* Required Seminar, offered every year                     ** Required for second-year students

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