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Fall 2015 Philosophy Department Colloquia

August 2015


September 2015

"Debility/Capacity: From Narrative Prosthesis to Disaster Capitalism"

Jasbir K. Puar, Rutgers University
September 10th, 4:00 pm
Harriman Hall 214


"Thinking and Imagination: Between Art and Science"

Book presentation hosted by the The Center of Italian Studies and the Department of Philosophy
With the participation of Federico Vercellone (University of Turin) and Robert Crease
September 15th, 4:00 pm
Harriman Hall 214


"Three Ways of Speaking: Deleuze's Way or Death and Flight"

Leonard Lawlor, Pennsylvania State University  
September 24th, 4:00 pm
Harriman Hall 214
Reception to follow

"Rights-Pragmatism and the Right of Humanity: International Politics in Kant's and Hegel's Perspectives"

Faculty/Graduate Student Research Colloquium
Allegra de Laurentiis, Stony Brook University  
Christopher Fremaux, Commentator
September 30th, 1:00-3:00 pm
Harriman Hall 218

October 2015

"Economies of Violence: Nietzsche Clastres, and Deleuze on State and Non-State Warfare"

John Proveti, Louisiana State University
October 22nd, 4:00 pm
Harriman Hall 214
Reception to Follow

 Faculty/Graduate Student Research Colloquium

Mary C. Rawlinson, Stony Brook University
Jessica Sims, Commentator
October 28th, 1:00 pm
Harriman Hall 218


November 2015

"Celebrating the Life and Work of Peter Manchester"

Karmen McKendrick, LeMoyne College  
Julia Sushytska, University of Strasbourg
Ed Casey, Stony Brook University
Lee Miller, Stony Brook University
Jennifer Carter, Stony Brook University
Randolph Dible, Stony Brook University
Paula Manchester
November 12th, 1:30-5:30 pm
Harriman Hall 214


"Deleuze's Political Ethics: A Fascism of the New?"

Fred Evans, Duquesne University
November 19th, 4:00 pm
Harriman Hall 214

Faculty/Graduate Student Research Colloquium

Lorenzo Simpson, Stony Brook University
November 18th, 4:00 pm
Harriman Hall 218



December 2015                                                                                                                                                                            

"Don Ihde Alumni Prize Lecture"

Paul B. Thompson, Kellogg Chair, University of Michigan
December 3rd, 4:00 pm
Harriman Hall 214


Spring 2016



Upcoming Events

Fall 2015 Philosophy Department Colloquia


"Rights-Pragmatism and the Right of Humanity"

Faculty-Graduate Student Research Colloquium
Allegra de Laurentiis and Christopher Fremaux
September 30th
1:00 pm


"Economies of Violence"

John Protevi
October 22nd
4:00 pm


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