Graduate Certificate in Art and Philosophy


Program Overview

 The Stony Brook Graduate Certificate Program in Art and Philosophy is designed to provide an interdisciplinary course of instruction for students already enrolled (full-time) in a graduate degree-granting program such as Art History and Criticism, Philosophy, Cultural Studies, Music, Theatre Arts. 

To earn the Graduate Certificate in Art and Philosophy, Stony Brook graduate students must complete a minimum of fifteen graduate credits in courses approved for the Certificate Program.  

Nine of the fifteen credits must be earned outside the home program. Credits earned toward a graduate degree in another Stony Brook program or department may be applied toward the Graduate Certificate in Art and Philosophy.  

Graduate students in Stony Brook programs other than the doctoral programs in Art and in Philosophy should consult with their home departments to determine whether credits earned for the Certificate can be applied to the masters or doctoral degree in the home department. 

Prospective enrollees in the Art and Philosophy Advanced Graduate Certificate are advised that they must seek enrollment early in their graduate studies at Stony Brook and in any case prior to completing more than two of the required courses in the program. 

Students in the art and philosophy graduate certificate

Many types of students will benefit from the Stony Brook Graduate Certificate Program in Art and Philosophy, including graduate students currently enrolled in Art History and Criticism, Philosophy, Cultural Studies, Music, and Theatre. 

The Graduate Certificate will provide a supplementary graduate program, permitting students in any of these areas to formalize their study of the interconnections between the arts and philosophy.  

The Certificate will highlight student's expertise in this interdisciplinary area, enhancing employment opportunities after graduation. 


A) 2 art-related courses in Philosophy 

B) 2 art theory courses in one other department 

c) 1 elective which may be an art-related course in Philosophy, an art theory course in the department where the other two courses were taken, or a theory course from another related department. 


Philosophy PhD student A takes:

PHI 641 Contemporary Aesthetics
PHI 603 Nineteenth Century Philosophy: Kant’s Critique of Judgment
PHI 506 Art and its Problems
ARH 540 Methodologies of Art History
ARH 545 Topics in 19th Century Art

A Cultural Studies PhD student B takes:

PHI 630 Continental Philosophy: Derrida
PHI 508 Contemporary Issues in the Arts
ARH 550 20th Century Art Criticism and Theory
CST 519 History of Cultural Studies
CST 609 Topics in Cultural Studies

A History and Theory of Music MA Student C takes:

PHI 505 History of Aesthetic Theory
PHI 507 Aesthetic System
MUS 500 Proseminar in Musicology
MUS 557 Topics in Music Theory
THR 635 Theories of Performance


The Graduate Certificate Program in Art and Philosophy is administered by the Philosophy Graduate Program Director in consultation with the Philosophy Graduate Program Committee and the Graduate Program Directors from Art, Music, Theatre and CAT. 

To enroll in the program, submit the enrollment form to 

Kathleen-Anna Amella
Graduate Program Coordinator

For more information about the program and information about courses offered in Philosophy, contact Ms. Amella or 

Prof. Anne O’Byrne
Doctoral Program Director

For information about courses offered in other departments, contact the department’s Graduate Program Director: 

Prof. Andrew Uroskie
Graduate Program Director

Prof. Steven Marsh
Graduate Program Director

Prof. Judith Lochead
Director of Graduate Studies

Prof. Lisa Diedrich
Director of Graduate Studies
Culture, Analysis and Theory


Upcoming Events

"Art and the Quantum Moment" 


Prof. Rober P. Crease
Prof. Alfred Goldhaber
January 29th


"Improvised Music"

Prof. Don Byron
February 24th

"On Reading The Second Sex the Third Time"


Prof. Kyoo Lee
February 26th

Career Opportunities for Philosophy Majors

March 4th

Husserl's Missing Technologies: Don Ihde Book Presentation
Featuring "Missing Ihde," with Prof. Robert Crease

March 10th

"The Assault on Ethnic Studies"

Prof. Ron Scapp
March 12th

Don Ihde Distinguished Alumni Award

Susan Bordo
March 24th


"Writing Across and Beyond the Disciplines"

Prof. Susan Bordo
March 25th


Book Presentation: Peter Manchester's Temporality and the Trinity

March 26th


MA Conference

Keynotes by Elizabeth Grosz and Emma Sulkowicz
March 27th-28th


"Heidegger and Traumatology"

Prof. Reginald Lilly
April 8th


"Interspecies Ethics: Meditations on Cosmopolitan Peace"

Cynthia Willet
April 23rd

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