Membership Information

A $325.00 annual membership covers the academic year - September through June and includes:

  • Registration in workshops—Fall, Spring and Summer semesters

  • Monthly Newsletter

  • Special planned events/trips (additional fee may apply)

  • Access to library facilities at Stony Brook and campus-wide events

University Refund Policies: *Membership fees paid for the current semester will be refunded upon written request to the OLLI Executive Board. Timelines and refund percentages described below are in reference to the beginning of the current semester.

  • Weeks 1-2 = 100%

  • Weeks 3-4 = 50%

  • Thereafter = 0% (No refund)

*Special Event fees are non-refundable.

Please contact the OLLI office if you have questions:

  • 631-632-OLLI (6554) or 631-632-7063

Membership Eligibility

Membership is open to those of retirement age, regardless of race, gender, religious affiliation or prior academic achievement. Members must adhere to all university policies and procedures and acknowledge any applicable waivers and release forms.

Academic Purpose

A desire to learn and actively participate in a group setting are the only requirements.  There are no credits or prerequisites. OLLI is special because it focuses on involvement – yours and others - to provide opportunities for intellectual stimulation and fellowship in an informal, comfortable setting, using all the advantages of a strong university with excellent facilities.

If you enjoy learning new things, meeting new people and associating with others that do, join us!

Workshop Sessions

Workshops meet five days a week, following the University schedule. Members decide courses and lead study groups.  The sharing of ideas and insights by members is necessary for vital enrichment of these sessions. Equally necessary to the continued success of OLLI is each member’s commitment to some activity by contributing his or her talent to help further educational objectives. 

Social and Cultural Programs

Periodic social events and day trips complement our study programs and foster the spirit of conviviality among our members.


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