Professor Ojima's Awards and Honors

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Professor Ojima receives Hershberg Award at San Diego ACS meeting - 2001

Professor Ojima is inducted into the ACS Medicinal Chemistry Hall of Fame - 2006

Special Highlight - SBU Symposium in 2005 celebrating Professor Ojima's 60th Birthday            

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List of Awards and Honors

The 25th National Young Investigator Award ("Shimpo Sho"), The Chemical Society of Japan, 1976.
Arthur C. Cope Scholar Award, the American Chemical Society, 1994.
The 51st Chemical Society of Japan Award ("Nihon Kagaku Kai Sho") for distinguished achievements, The Chemical Society of Japan, 1999.
Emanuel B. Hershberg Award for Important Discoveries in Medicinally Active Substances, the American Chemical Society, 2001.
Outstanding Inventor Award, The Research Foundation of the State University of New York, 2002.
NYSTAR Faculty Development Award, New York State Office of Science, Technology & Academic Research, 2002.
Inductee, American Chemical Society, Medicinal Chemistry Hall of Fame, 2006.
ACS Award for Creative Work in Fluorine Chemistry, the American Chemical Society, 2013.

Fellow, John Simon Guggenheim Memorial Foundation, 1995.
Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1997.
Fellow, New York Academy of Sciences, 2000.
Fellow, American Chemical Society, "ACS Fellow", 2010

William and Florence Catacosinos Professor in Cancer Research, Stony Brook Foundation, 1994.
Leading Professorship, State University of New York at Stony Brook, 1991
Distinguished Professorship, State University of New York, 1995
He was invited by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences to serve as a nominator for the Nobel prize in chemistry for the years 1990, 1996, 2002.
Eli Lilly Lecturer, University of Kansas-Lawrence, 1990.
National Science Council Lecturer, Taiwan, 1990.
J. Clarence Karcher Lecturer, The University of Oklahoma, 1992.
George Lesher Lecturer, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, 1995.
Boehringer-Ingelheim Distinguished Lecturer, Colorado State University, 1997.
Weissberger-Williams Lecturer, Eastman Kodak Co., 1997.
Dr. H. Martin Friedman University Lecturer, Rutgers, State University of New Jersey, 2001.
Bristol-Meyers Squibb Distinguished Lecturer, Colorado State University, 2002.
FMC Discovery Chemistry Lecturer, FMC Corporation, 2003.
J. Clarence Karcher Lecturer, The University of Oklahoma, 2003.
Guest Editor, "Drug Resistant Tuberculosis: A Challenge in Chemotherapy", Curr. Topics Med. Chem., 2006.
Guest Editor, "Modern Molecular Approaches to Drug Discovery", Acc. Chem. Res., 2007.
Negishi-Brown Lecturer, Purdue University, 2007.
Guest Editor, "Modern Natural Products Chemistry in Drug Discovery", J. Med. Chem., 2007.
Ralph A. Raphael Lecturer, University of Glasgow, UK, 2008.
The Sosnovsky Distinguished Lectureship, University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, 2008.
Senior Editor, Future Medicinal Chemistry, 2008.
Henry J. Shine Lecturer, Texas Tech University, 2009.
National Science Council Lecturer, Taiwan, 2011.
The Ohdang Lectureship Award, The Pharmaceutical Society of Korea, Korea, 2012.
Distinguished Lectureship in Medicinal Chemistry, University of Minnesota, 2013.

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