Tokyo 2013


 2014_grad  2014BBQ
Reunion 2013: Tokyo  Commencement 2013  Commencement 2014  Ojima Group BBQ 2014


2013_thanksgiving   indianapolis 2013  Shanghai 2013

Ojima Group BBQ 2013

 Thanksgiving 2013

Reunion 2013: Indianapolis

 Reunion 2013: Shanghai



 ACS New Orleans

Award Banquet

 Reunion 2013: New Orleans

Reunion 2012: Philadelphia

Reunion 2012: Seoul



 Reunion 2012: Shanghai  Reunion 2012: Tokyo

Reunion 2012: Barcelona

Reunion 2012: San Diego




 Thanksgiving Eve 2012

 Pat's 15th Anniversary

Celebration for her

Outstanding Service

 Reunion 2012: Philadelphia

Ojima Group BBQ 2012



Prof. Ojima's Birthday

Luncheon 2012 


Commencement 2012

 Thanksgiving Eve 2011 Reunion 2011: Tokyo



 Hiroki's Farewell

 Reunion 2011: Paris

Reunion 2011: Geneva

Reunion 2011: Beijing




Reunion 2011: Taiwan

 Annual Group Photos and

HS's Farewell 2011

Prof. Ojima's Birthday

 Luncheon 2011

Ojima Group BBQ 2011



 Commencement 2011  Thanksgiving Eve 2010

Reunion 2010: Tokyo

Ojima Group BBQ 2010

 Prof. Ojima's Birthday Luncheon 2010 Commencement 2010

Reunion 2010: San Francisco, CA 

Reunion 2010: Geneva, Switzerland

Reunion 2010: Boston, MA ACS National Meeting 2010

Reunion 2009: Toyko

Jenny and Deric's Wedding

Commencement 2009 Thanksgiving Eve 2009





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Ojima Group BBQ     ACS New Orleans Award Banquet     Reunion in New Orleans


Reunion in Seoul     Reunion in Shanghai    Reunion in Tokyo    Reunion in Barcelona    Reunion in San Diego

Commencement         Prof. Ojima's Birthday Celebration         Ojima Group BBQ

Reunion in Philadelphia         Pat's 15th Anniversary Celebration for her Outstanding Service  

Thanksgiving Dinner      


Commencement         Prof. Ojima's Birthday Celebration         Ojima Group BBQ        

Annual Group Photos & HS's Farewell       Reunion in Taiwan       Reunion in Beijing

Reunion in Geneva      Reunion in Paris       Hiroki's Farewell      Reunion in Tokyo 

Thanksgiving Dinner


Commencement         Prof. Ojima's Birthday Celebration         Ojima Group BBQ         

Thanksgiving Dinner       Reunion in San Francisco         Reunion in Tokyo           Reunion in Geneva    

Reunion in Boston          ACS National Meeting


Commencement         Jenny and Deric's Wedding         Thanksgiving Dinner         Reunion in Tokyo

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