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2014 France Reunion

2014 Reunion in France



1.  Reunion in Taiwan:  In August 2011, Professor Ojima visited Taiwan as a National Research Council Lecturer, giving  lectures at the National Chiao-Tung University, National Health Research Institutes, National Chung Cheng University and National Taiwan University. He reunited with Professor Chung-Ming (Daniel) Sun (1994 Ph,D), Dr. Hsing-Pang Hsieh (1991 Ph.D. Prof. Burrows), and Professor Haugh-Jyun (Candy) Chen (1988 Ph.D), as well as other Chemistry Department Alumni in Taiwan in Hsin-Chu. Photos of the reunions are available in the Photo Gallery.

2. Reunion in Beijing: In August 2011, Professor Ojima visited Beijing to give keynote lectures at the 2011 World Congress of Catalytic Asymmetric Synthesis and the International Conference on Medichem 2011. He also visited the Pharmaron to give a lecture. He reunited with Dr. Liang Sun (2008 Ph.D). Photos are available in the Photo Gallery.

3. Reunion in Geneva: In late August 2011, Professor Ojima visited Geneva en route to the 2011 CUSO Summer School on Organic Chemistry in Villars, Switzerland. He reunited Dr. Cecilia (Fumero) Oderda (2000, Ph.D), her husband, Gianluca Oderda (1999, Ph.D. Physics) and their 3 children in Geneva as well as at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne. Photos are available in the Photo Gallery.

4, Reunion in Paris: In early September, Professor Ojima visited Paris as a part of his visit to Sanofi-Aventis in Toulouse for collaborative research. A "Stony Brook French Connection Reunion" was held at the "Villa Spicy" in Paris, where he reunited with Professor Thierry Brigaud (1990-1991, postdoc), Martine Zucco (1991-1992, postdoc), Olivier Duclos (1993-1994, postdoc), David Machnik (1994, M.S), Raphael Geney (2005, Ph.D) and Professor Louis Fensterbank (1993, Ph.D. Prof. Sieburth). Photos are available in the Photo Gallery.


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