The Summit Performance

To cap off the first night of The Festival of The Moving Body, Stony Brook University is proud to present The Moving Body in Performance — World Class Dance Companies and Dancers Respond to Health, Creativity and the Human Experience

March 16, 2012 • 7 pm in the Charles B. Wang Center Theater

Join us for a dynamic night of performances from many of our Summit presenters.

Tickets are $10 for students; $15 for the general public.

Please click here to download the ticket order form or you may buy tickets at the door.


Performance Schedule (subject to change):

Existenz (Premiere)
Artistic Director/ Producer: Erin Dudley
Editing, Technical Direction, Prop design and fabrication: Mark McNamara 
DP and camera I: Jessica Voukun 
Camera II: Fred Hatt 
Lighting design and Production Assistant: Iain Court 
Costume: Benjamin Stuber and Erin Dudley 
Performance: Masanori Asahara, Erin Dudley, Kelly Buwalda, Laura Jenson, Mark McNamara, Adele Thurston, Benjamin Stuber, Taavo Smith. 
Set north of the Catskills Mountains the film captures the stunning beauty of the Schoharie Valley one week before Hurricaine Irene forever changed the valley's landscape. The narrative follows an individualʼs vision and somatic rituals through the course of one day. It is an impressionistic glimpse into the temporal fragility of existence and the importance of our waters. Screening with Live music performance by Marlan Barry, Cello; Maxim Moston, Violin; Stephen Griesgraber: Guitar.

Taps for Jackie
Ray Anderson, Trombone
A solo trombone piece honoring the late tap dancer and poet Jackie Raven, who taught at Stony Brook in 1999 and 2000.

Letter (to Ed)
Dedicated to Ed Tyler
Choreography and Performance: Tzveta Kassabova
Music: Arvo Part
Letter to Ed explores change, anger, understanding and sorrow, related the absence of a close friend. It is a piece about recovery, reflection and healing.

SOMEWHERE excerpts (2011)
Choreographer: Heidi Latsky
Music: Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Dancers: Jerron Hermann, David Harrell, Paola Styron, Robert Simpson, Greg Youdan, Melani Hailey, Jillian Hollis

Choreographer/Performer: Lacina Coulibaly
Lighting: Kathy Kaufman
Production: Faso Danse Theatre, Kongo Ba Teria

Un-official Guide --- excerpt
Choreographer: Raphael Xavier
Dancer: Raphael Xavier
The Un-Official Guide (excerpt) tackles an imaginative theme of real life. As the performer vocally sets up a street scene and school grounds with spoken word, the dance speaks of total commitment to a life spent living each moment in coherence with all those that came before it.

Lost, Found, Lost (2007, 09)
Choreographer: Janis Brenner
Music: Meredith Monk, Bang on a Can, and the dancersʼ breath score
Costume Design: Ramona Ponce, and Janis Brenner
Dancers: Kyla Barkin, Esme Boyce, Janis Brenner, Sumaya Jackson, Christopher Ralph and Aaron Selissen
*The Tale by Meredith Monk used by permission of Boosey & Hawkes. Lost Objects used by permission of Schirmer Music.


Live for a Living
Choreographer: Julie Marie Muskat
Music: Human the Death Dance by Buddy Wakefield
Videography: Rebecca Muskat
Dancer: Julie Marie Muskat
Common to all humanity are qualities such as courage, love, rage, despair, and healing; moreover, as we allow ourselves to experience these qualities in community with others, we are assured that we belong to the soul of the world.

Here to Tell
Choreographer: Gina Gibney
Composer: Ryan Lott
Costume Design: Lex Liang
Jewelry Design: Deby Zum
Dancer: Sandra Manick
As many as one in every three women has been physically abused, often at the hands of someone she knows and loves. Here to Tell gives voice to one womenʼs journey form struggle to survival. Sanctuary for Families Mendor Sandra Manick dedicates her performance to those who share her story.

View Partially Obstructed (2009)
Choreographer: Gina Gibney
Composer: Ryan Lott
Scenic and Costume Design: Lex Liang
Live animation: superDraw/Joshue Ott
Dancers: Natsuki Arai, Andrew Avery, Courtney Drasner, Amy Miller Joshua Palmer
Other credits, permissions, etc: original lighting: Kathy Kaufman

Resonant Imaging (2009)
Choreographer:  Kyla Barkin
Music:  Lindsey Boise, Chris Johnson, Tones From the Underground
Media/Film:  Lindsey Boise & Chris Johnson
Dancer: Kyla Barkin

Into Sunlight
Three excerpts from evening length work to be performed:
# Leaving/Staying
# Longing
# Brotherhood
Choreographer: Robin Becker
Composer: Chris Lastovicka
Music Director: Arthur Solari
Lighting Designer: Burke Wilmore
Film Design: John Goodwin
Costumes: Cheryl McCarron
Dancers: Edwardo Brito, Lisa Clementi, Chazz Fenner-McBride, Paul Monaghan,Jessica Pulcini, Nicole Sclafani, and Yoko Sugimoto-Ikezawa
Into Sunlight was inspired by They Marched Into Sunlight, Pulitzer Prize-winning Journalist David Maranissʼ powerful book on Vietnam. The book documents events that occurred simultaneously in Vietnam and at a protest against the war in Madison, Wisconsin on two days in October 1967.

Photography and recording of any kind is strictly prohibited.

Upcoming Festival of the Moving Body 
October 16 and 17, 2014
Stony Brook University 
Thursday, October 16, 2014, 10 AM
Stony Brook University President
Professor of Dance,
Director Center for World Arts
University of Florida, Gainesville
Dr. Charles Robbins , Vice Provost
of Undergraduate Education, SBU
October 17, 2014, 10AM
Artist, Director, Filmaker, Choreographer 
Friday, October 17, 2014, 4PM - 6PM
Director of the International Centre for 
Creativity and Imagination
Followed by the "Work in Progress" Screening: 
Foreign Puzzle Film by Chithra Jeyaram
Responding Panel:
Carol Baldwin Breast Center Faculty and Staff
Assistant Professor, Lily Cushenbery, PhD
SBU's College of Business
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The Office of the Provost, Stony Brook University

The Center for Dance, Movement and Somatic Learning

Center for Medical Humanities, Compassionate Care and Bioethics

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