Festival of the Moving Body Film Series

film seriesSaturday, March 17, 2012 at the Charles B. Wang Center Theater

Anna Brady Nuse, Curator
In Partnership with Dance Films Association, The Charles B. Wang Center and The Center for Dance, Movement and Somatic Learning

Festival Fee: $15 online registration, $20 at the door

Program I: Dance and Healing: 10 AM - 12 NOON

Grounded (Pt 1)
Director: Jen Edwards, Choreographer: Sydney Skybetter, Dancers: Kristen Arnold, Jennifer Jones, Gary Schaufeld, Composer: Mikael Karlsson, Camera: Caleb Custer
The first section of an artistically rendered series of self help/instructional videos that give helpful advice on how to relax through body awareness. In Part 1 dancers navigate the busy city and show how to let go of tension beginning with the head.

Director: John Bush, Choreographer: Nadine Helstroffer
A poetic portrayal of the stages of grief, this film ventures to stay open in the face of loss and the mystery of death. Set in a tranquil garden, the imagery of cherry blossoms intimate at the beauty and impermanence of life.

Director: Kingsley Irons
In the throes of a broken heart a young girl appeals to Ochun, a river saint of the Cuban Santeria religion and the goddess of love, to wash away her sadness and rejuvenate her soul.

for waterFor Water
Director & Choreographer: Natalie Metzger, Dancers: Lisa Long, Anne Moore, Dewi Nurnaeny, Cherise Richards, Helda Yossiana, Composer: Robert Allaire
A collaboration between dancers from Indonesia and America, For Water is inspired by the importance of water to the islands of Indonesia and to water-starved California. The film follows a pilgrimage of five spirits to a sacred place to perform their ritual for water.

Breath Made Visible
Director: Ruedi Gerber
82:00 (2009)
Breath Made Visible is the first feature length film about the life and career of Anna Halprin, the American dance pioneer who has helped redefine our notion of modern art with her belief in dance's power to teach, heal, and transform at all ages of life. The film includes archival footage from her important early experimental work to her courageous battle with cancer that led her to find an entirely new approach to teaching and making art.

Program 2: Scientific Inquiry into the Moving Body (1 – 2:30 PM)

Lecture Demonstration by Curator Anna Brady Nuse

Deborah Hay, Not As Deborah Hay
Director: Ellen Bromberg
29:00 (2011)
Deborah Hay, Not As Deborah Hay is a documentary on the iconoclastic choreographer, Deborah Hay and her practice of posing questions through dance. Hay’s lines of inquiry explore everything from her cellular body to quantum physics, and the film reveals the boundless inspiration she derives from paradox.

One Flat Thing, reproduced
Director:Thierry de Mey, Choreography: William Forsythe, Dancers: The Forsythe Company, Composer: Thom Willems, Production Company: MK2TV, Coproduction Company: Arte France
22:00 (2007)
Oscillating between disorder and symmetry, One Flat Thing, reproduced starts with an outburst: twenty tables are thrown on stage. They become the surface and the horizon of all the action. The great film director Thierry de Mey extends and reinvents William Forsythe's choreography to create a totally original cinematic work.

Syncronous Objects
Produced by The Forsythe Company, Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design, and Department of Dance at The Ohio State University. Creative Directors: William Forsythe, Maria Palazzi, Norah Zuniga Shaw
20:00 (2009)
Shown here are selected videos from the acclaimed interactive web project, Syncronous Objects for One Flat Thing, reproduced, a collaboration between The Forsythe Company, based in Germany, and researchers at The Ohio State University from design, dance, computer science, geography, statistics and architecture who work together at OSU’s Advanced Computing Center for the Arts and Design (ACCAD). From dance to data objects, Syncronous Objects reveals the interlocking systems of organization in the choreography of William Forsythe's One Flat Thing, reproduced (2000). Those systems
were qualified through the collection of data and transformed into series of objects - syncronous objects – that work to explore those choreographic structures, reveal their patterns, and reimagine what else they might look like. To see the full project go to: http://synchronousobjects.osu.edu

Introduction to Syncronous Objects
Seeing Movement Material (Explanatory Video)
Alignment Explanatory Video
Alignment Annotation 1
Seeing Cues (Explanatory Video)
Cue Annotation 3
Statistical Counterpoint (Explanatory Video)
MovementDensity (Explanatory Video)
FurnitureSystem (Explanatory Video)

breath made visibleMoving to Architecture (3:00 PM – 4:30 PM)

Discussion Following, lead by Curator Anna Brady Nuse

Director & Choreographer: Noemie LaFrance, Dancers: Heather Hammond, Corey Harrower, Gary Lai, Jeffrey Lyon, Chelsea O'Brian, Kevin O’Connor, Composer: Janek Schaefer, Camera: Carlos Veron.
6:00 (2008)
Rapture is a short film celebrating the architecture of Frank Gehry in movement. Dancers defying gravity and scale rush up and down the hills of a metallic desert against the sky’s backdrop. Set atop the undulating rooftops of the Frank Gehry-designed Fisher Center, Rapture features six dancers retained by ropes performing on the outside surface of the building, superimposing their bodies to the architecture in a sensual and dynamic choreography evoking the epic setting.

Little Ease (Outside the Box)
Director: Matt Tarr, Choreographer: Elizabeth Streb, Dancer: Ami Ipapo
7:00 (2009)
Based on Elizabeth Streb’s original iconic solo in a box, Little Ease is reimagined for the Brooklyn landscape.

My Playground
Director: Kaspar Astrup Schöder
50:00 (2010)
Mainly set in Copenhagen the film follows Team JiYo (Parkour) as they explore the city and encounter the obstacles it presents. Award winning architect Bjarke Ingels, founder of BIG Architects, is fascinated by the way Team JiYo convey architecture and takes the team to his buildings, to explore and unfold their skills, that may be just as groundbreaking as the architecture itself. The film travels around the world from Denmark to Japan, United States, United Kingdom, and China to explore where the urban mobility is heading.

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