Festival of the Moving Body: Schedule

Festival of the Moving Body 2014

Schedule of Program

Thursday, October 16, 2014

8:30-9:45 AM            Registration:  Theatre Lobby, Wang Center
10:00-11:15              Opening General Session
                                  Welcoming Remarks:  President Samuel Stanley, MD
                                  Provost Lecture and Opening Keynote:  
                                  Joan D. Frosch, PhD,                                     
                                 “Who is (Not) Human?”
11:30-1:00                Individual Sessions and Workshops
Chapel                        Workshop:
                                 “Movement as a Change Agent: Transforming How We Perceive               
                                  the Mother/Child Dyad”,
                                  Bonnie McGlynn Deluca
Theatre                       Film Screening and Discussion
                                 “Breath Made Visible”
                                  Q&A: Elisabeth Osgood-Campbell  
Classroom                  Workshops    
                                “The Ethics of Conversational Improvisation”
                                  Audrey Lane Ellis, Alyssa Adamson, Caleb Ward, Chatham Lovelle
                                “Capturing Spontaneity in Partnering” Tiffany Mills
1:15 – 2:15                Lunch break, on your own
2:30 – 3:45                Individual Sessions and Workshops
Chapel                         Workshop
                                  “A Somatic Approach to Aerial Dance”, Julie Ludwick
Theatre                       Panel
                                 “The Intersection of Dance and Somatics: A 40 Year Perspective”
                                  Dr. Martha Eddy
                                  Dean Emeritus of American Dance Festival and Emeritus of
                                  Connecticut College, Martha Myers
Lecture Hall 1              Panel Discussion
                                “Somatics and the Deeply Forgetful”,
                                  Dr. Stephen Post, Dr. Lory Bright Long, Amy Yopp Sullivan
Classroom                  Workshop
                                “Socially Conscious Choreography”,
                                  Joya Powell
                                  Paula Josa Jones
4:00–6:00                 General Session
Theatre                      Research Development
                                “Exercising the Other Side of Cognition”
                                  Noah Riskin
                                 Film Screening
                                “Håstdans på Hovdala”,
                                 JoAnna Mendl Shaw
                                Panel: TBA
Festival of the Moving Body - Friday, October 17, 2014
8:30 – 9:45AM          Registration: Theatre Lobby at the Wang Center
10:00-11:15              General Session
                                  Keynote:  Filmmaker and Artist:  
                                   Gabri Christa
                                 “Space, Place Memory in Movement”                                
11:30–1:00                Individual Session and Workshops
Chapel                        Performance Collaboration
                                  Emily Beattie and Brian Knoth
                                 “The Corporeal and the Contemporaneous: Screen Dance and the Matter of Media”,
                                  Erin Day
Theatre                       Workshop
                                 “Somatic Techniques for People with Chronic Injury and Disabilities”,
                                  Stephanie Gottlob and Yuji Oka
Lecture Hall                 Research Presentation and Discussion
                                “Successful Aging with the Moving Body”,  
                                  Suranganee de Lanerolle, MD
                                “Depth Psychological Perspective on Physical Therapy”,
                                 Danél Lombard
Classroom                  Workshop
                                “The City, the Body and the Flow”,
                                 Marta Peres
1:15–2:15                  Lunch break, on your own
2:30-3:45                   Individual Sessions and Workshops
Chapel                         Workshop
                                  “Physical Listening”,
                                   JoAnna Mendl Shaw   
 Theatre                      Workshop     
                                 “Tamalpha: Art/Life Process”,
                                  Elizabeth Osgood-Campbell
Lecture Hall                 Workshop
                                 “The Art of Sitting: Transforming Chairs from Traps to Tools”,
                                   Doug Boltson
Classroom                   Workshop
                                “Moving and Living from our Inner Core”,
                                  Shuling J Wu
                                 “A Yin Yang Approach to the Body in Performance”,
                                   William Trevino
4:00-6:00                   Closing Keynote: 
                                  Steven T. Dahlberg
                                 "Carrying Across": Creativity as Translation 
                                 "Work in Progress" Film Screening
                                 “Foreign Puzzle”, filmmaker, Chithra Jeyaram
                                  Translating Creativity and Imagination Dialogue
                                  Dialogue Participants
                                  Moderator:  Steven T. Dahlberg
                                  Carol Baldwin Breast Center faculty and staff (TBA)
                                  Filmmaker Chithra Jeyaram,                                                       
                                  Assistant Professor, Lily Chushenbery, PhD, College of Business, SBU
Upcoming Festival of the Moving Body 
October 16 and 17, 2014
Stony Brook University 
Thursday, October 16, 2014, 10 AM
Stony Brook University President
Professor of Dance,
Director Center for World Arts
University of Florida, Gainesville
October 17, 2014, 10AM
"Space, Place Memory in Movement"
Artist, Director, Filmaker, Choreographer 
Friday, October 17, 2014, 4PM - 6PM
Director of the International Centre for 
Creativity and Imagination
Followed by the "Work in Progress" Screening: 
Foreign Puzzle Film by Chithra Jeyaram
Responding Panel:
Moderator, Steven T. Dahlberg
Carol Baldwin Breast Center Faculty and Staff
Assistant Professor, Lily Cushenbery, PhD
SBU's College of Business

2014 Sponsors:

The Office of the Provost, Stony Brook University

The Center for Dance, Movement and Somatic Learning

The Habitat for the Arts


2014 Endorsements:

Dance Films Association, NYC 



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