Art Installations and Site Performances

installationsThe Charles B. Wang Center will be filled with visual art installations and artistic performances throughout the day.

Past Performances in the Lobbies of Wang Center at the 2012 Festival

THE FRAMERS: Moving the Altered State of Sound

Artists: Corinne Cappelletti , Laura Bartczak, Hilary Melcher Chapman, Richard Garet

Friday, Summit: Sky light Lobby, 12:45 pm

Saturday Public Festival: Sky Light Lobby, 2:45 pm

The Framers move the altered state of sound. By using psychoacoustics, sonic spatialization, sensory reception, the memory of the quality of touch and choreographic structures, they transform the architectural experience of space. Alive in the tones, timbers, vibrations created by sound artist, they shift with precision from stillness into delicately injured bodies. The Frames propose Sound as process, Sound as material and Sound as mood. Alert in performance as practice, they exist where the ground becomes the wall and sound becomes the hand.


Mirror Eyes

Veronica Pena

Friday Summit: Theatre Lobby, Wang Center, 9:30am

Saturday Public Festival: Theatre Lobby, Wang Center, 9:45 am

“Mirror Eyes” is an interactive public performance that creates shared moments amongst strangers. Dressed in a costume that involves the performer’s body within a skin of crochet patterns, the performers adopt poses forming sculptural groupings. The poses, which are thought to reflect ideal, questionable, inadmissible, and accepted social behaviors, explore notions of togetherness. The audience is invited to join the sculptural groupings by mimicking the poses..


Letter (to Ed)

Tzveta Kassabova

Saturday, Public Festival, Theatre Lobby 12:45 pm

Letter to Ed explores change, anger, understanding and sorrow, related to the absence of a close friend. It is a piece about recovery, reflection and healing.


Space Dance Project

Tetsuro Fukuhara

Saturday, Public Festival: Theatre Lobby, 1:45pm

The Space Dance project combines “Dance + Architecture + Information + Design” in a multi-disciplinary collaboration with dancers, artists, scientists, technicians, and researchers.



LaTasha Dancing, 2012

1.5-minute digital animation

Stephanie Dinkins

Friday Summit and Public Festival, Theater Lobby, ongoing

LaTasha Dancing is a gesture toward (re)claiming the Venus of Willendorf, one of the earliest and most recognizable images of the body made by humankind. It is an excavation of ancient memory and movement, reaching for identity through time, place and culture.


The Body of Knowledge

Noah Riskin and Mia Keinanen

Friday Summit and Public Festival Pagoda and Large Alcove in Lobby, ongoing

The real substance of our everyday existence--how we are born, live, and die—still takes place in terms of the body, or that which inextricably ties us to the beauty, mystery and meaning of the world around us. More, current and emerging science suggests it is our bodily interactions in the world that form the basis of language, thought and cognitive intelligence or what we call mind. It's striking, then, that for all of our intellectual curiosity and pursuits, the body is present as an object of study but goes all but unrecognized as an important dimension of our experience and intelligence.


Kinetic Petals

Timothy Vallier

Friday Summit and Saturday Public Festival, Alcove near Zodiac Lobby, ongoing

Kinetic Petals is part of a series involving the cyclical transformation of physical objects into data, the result of which is used to recreate the object in various sound and visual media states. This piece calls upon hundreds of samples from a fixed-audio state of a scanned object, and blends them together to form a new visual and aural state of the object controlled by a live performer.


Wind and Unwind, Cover and Uncover

Marcia Widenor

Friday Summit and Saturday Public Festival, Small alcoves near Sky Light Lobby, ongoing

This explores mood, movement and emotional connection between participants who use large pieces of hand knitted fabrics and nets as both costume and scenery. This is an unrehearsed, collaborative work with a small group that uses the fabrics to interact, observe and communicate with each other without dialogue.


Meditative Moving Body

McNamara, Mark

Friday Summit and Saturday Public Festival, Sky Light Lobby, Wang Center


Film Loop Installations

Catch this continuous loop between workshops in Room 103. Featuring the works of:

Jennifer Edwards: Grounded 1- 6
Grounded is a series of short films designed for anyone who feels the strain of an over-stimulated mind and body. Grounded combines self-care tools with dancerly content to guide viewers through relaxation exercises while heightening their awareness of their physical selves. Beautifully danced and filmed in both open spaces and private studios of New York City, these pieces of usable art calm the body, mind and heart.

Kingsley Irons: Imaginary Friends
Two ghosts play in the ruins, trapped between worlds.

Courtney Krantz: Films from the Body, Sheet
Each of Krantz’s three films/videos addresses the female body as a conduit of movement from the interior to the exterior. The artist is exploring the concept of "emergent elements from the female body that evaporate with time" within the context of a mobile, ephemeral body while also exploring formal investigations of movement in relation to the grammar of cinematic montage.

Natalie Metzger: Surgeon Generalʼs Warning

Ann Moradian and Nannette Bertschy: Down Up
Down Up is a visual poem querying perception from the tactile realm to the metaphysical.

Beth Portnoy: Written
Portnoy strives to create at seamless blend of dance, music, and theatricality; an organic sense of performance as an all-encompassing entity. Using stop motion technology fused with live motion footage, she creates choreography that is not always physically possible; to manipulate props/scenery/costumes to uncover motion where it could not naturally exist.

Ruthy Alon: 6 Lessons in Movement Intelligence
Six brief lessons in Movement Intelligence filmed by Israeli Public Television. They are taught by Ruthy Alon, one of Moshe Feldenkrais’ earliest students. She has contributed worldwide to his Method.

Photography and recording of any kind is strictly prohibited. 

Upcoming Festival 2014 at Stony Brook University

October 16 and 17, 2014 

Welcoming Remarks: Stony Brook University President Samuel L. Stanley Jr., MD

Opening Keynote Address: Dr. Joan Frosch, PhD

Director Center for World Arts

University of Florida, Gainesville



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