What is The World of Work?

When we refer to "The World of Work", we are talking about your obtaining your first full-time job.  While part-time jobs you have during your college years - such as being a cashier, working in a restaurant, etc. - are real jobs, these positions are not necessarily where you are going start your career.  

Your post-graduation career is going to be an adjustment and going out into the world to find your dream job can seem daunting.  However, it is important to know what you can expect when you get out there.

There are lots of jobs out there - each with its own unique set of advantages and disadvantages.  Sometimes, especially after graduation, there is a lot of pressure to "get a job" as soon as possible.  However, it is important that you understand what it means to be full-time or part-time, if how to "opt in" to a retirement program, and how you will be compensated for your work - salary vs. commission based.  Articles found in "The World of Work" are designed to help prepare you for how to evaluate benefits packages, understanding your pay stub, and other things you will need to consider before, and after, accepting a job offer.

Welcome, to the world of work.