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Bilingual Executive Control in Avoiding Language Mixing Despite Brain Damage: An Interview with Loraine Obler
Conducted by: Patrick Gaston, and Yuli Ma
Friday, November 13, 2015

1. When did you decide that you wanted to specialize in neuro as opposed to the other?

2. What lead you to research aphasia?

3. In studying polyglots, what is the most interesting discovery you have had? Were there any assumptions you had going in that were disproven?

4. Do you think that people with below average IQs with a low score in verbal ability overall would have a much harder time learning more than 2 languages compared to someone with average or above scores in verbal ability?"

5. Overlooking an article, titled “”Teen Speaks Over 20 Languages” written by in February of this year, that you were in which involved timothy Doner, the hyperglot, you stated that the ability to learn languages was connected to art and music, neurologically. Can you tell us a little about the evidence behind this?

6. In your area of work, what are some of the most important questions being asked right now?


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