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Certificate in Advanced Language Studies (CALS)

There are many students on our campus who wish to become proficient in a foreign language but may not have the opportunity to complete a minor. For them, and for everyone who needs evidence of their competence in a foreign language for professional reasons, the LLRC has created a Certificate in Advanced Language Studies (CALS). This certificate is an official recognition of  the efforts and the achievements of the students who successfully complete a minimum of 12 credits of upper-division courses in a foreign language, with a grade of B or higher.

The languages covered by this program are Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Russian, and Spanish. Certification is open to all students at Stony Brook University, regardless of their degree. For example, students who major in science, engineering or business and aspire to work in a global context, can receive an additional professional qualification through this certificate. Even graduate students and the students who major or minor in one of the area studies with a foreign language component can apply and receive this certificate, which demonstrates their high-level of proficiency in a foreign language.

Interested students must do the following:

  1. Fill out the CALS declaration form online:
  2. Complete at least 12 upper-division (300+) credits in one of these languages with the grade of B or higher:
    • Chinese (CHI)
    • French (FRN)
    • German (GER)
    • Italian (ITL)
    • Japanese (JPN)
    • Korean (KOR)
    • Russian (RUS)*
    • Spanish (SPN)
      • Note: You can also count the credits that you earned before enrolling in the CALS Program. However, tutoring courses and Directed Readings (e.g. FRN 447) cannot be counted.
  3. Submit an official copy of your transcript to the LLRC upon satisfying the requirements:
    Language Learning Research Center Desk in CSCL
    1055 Humanities, CSCL Dept. 
    Stony Brook, NY 11794-5355
    A digital copy of the certificate will be sent to you within two weeks. The paper version will be made available upon request. Your name will be added to the list of successful CALS recipients on the LLRC’s website.

You may enroll in the CALS program at any time, even before taking your first advanced foreign language course. You may also enroll in the CALS program for two or more languages, as long as you intend to complete the requirements for each language. Once you enroll in the CALS program, the LLRC will periodically provide you with useful resources for advanced language learning at Stony Brook University.

CALS Advisors

Chinese: Dongmei Zeng  (

French: Sarah Jourdain (

German: Robert Bloomer (

Italian: Andrea Fedi (

Japanese: Eriko Sato (

Korean: Jiwon Hwang  (

Russian: Tim Westphalen (

Spanish: Lilia Ruiz-Debbe    (

For general questions, contact

CALS recipients (2017)


  • Lily Finkelstein
  • Tiffany Larson






(*) Upper-level course offerings in Russian are currently limited; students are recommended to consult with the RUS advisor.


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