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Main Title:
Radical Education Project Collection

Type of Material: Pamphlets and publications by the Ann Arbor, Michigan-based group on such topics as imperialism, class conflict, women's liberation, capitalism, and the Third World.
Personal Name:
Collection ID: Collection 124
Creator: Radical Education Project
Extent: 2 cubic ft.
Span Dates: 1960s-1970s


Radical Education Project Collection
Collection 124

Pamphlets and publications by the Ann Arbor, Michigan-based group on such topics as imperialism, class conflict, women's liberation, capitalism, and the Third World.
2 cubic ft.

Finding aid created in August 2004 by F.Berenice Baez-Revueltas and Kristen J. Nyitray.
Updated by Stephen Lee, September 2006. Updated April 2014.

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Box 1

Pamphlets Filed Alphabetically, A-B

Academic Quagmire, The. Stu Dowty (1968)
American Economic Imperialism: A Survey of the Literature. William Caspary, undated
Anthropology and Imperialism. Kathleen Gough Aberle, undated
Basta Ya! The Story of Los Siete de la Raza, undated
Birth Control Handbook. Donna Cherniak and Allan Feingold (1970)
Building Lyndon Johnson. David Welsh, undated

Pamphlets Filed Alphabetically, C

Caw! no. 3, fall 1968
China Policy Study Group Broadsheet, vol. 7 no. 5, May 1970
Corporate Imperialism for the Poor. Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven, undated

Pamphlets Filed Alphabetically, D-E

Day Care, Who Cares? Corporate and Government Child Care Plans. Vicki Breitbart, undated
Debate Within SDS: Rym II vs. Weatherman. REP Collective, undated
Democracy and the University. Richard K. Pope (1965)
Education: An American Problem. Bill Ayers, undated
Exploitation or Aid? US-Brazil Economic Relations: A Case Study of American Imperialism. Andre Gunder Frank (1963)

Pamphlets Filed Alphabetically, F-G

First Street School, The. George Dennison (1966)
Free Palestine, vol. 3, no. 7-8, November-December 1971
Fundamental Resolution of South Vietnam Congress of People’s Representatives, undated
Fundamental Resolution of South Vietnam Congress of People’s Representatives and Program of Action of the Provisional Revolutionary Government of the Republic of South Vietnam, undated
Gay Liberator, November 1971
Gay Manifesto, A. Carl Wittman, undated
Great Flint Sit-Down Strike Against G.M. 1936-37: How Industrial Unionism Was Won. Walter Lindler (1967)
Guevara, Debray and the CIA: Report From Bolivia. Richard Gott (1967)

Pamphlets Filed Alphabetically, H-L

Hanna Industrial Complex, The. Edie Black and Fred Goff (1969)
Health Care and Medical Work in China. Joshua Horn, undated
Hunger. Andre Gunder Frank, undated
In a Crisis the Center Falls Out: The Role of the Faculty in the Columbia Strike. Dick Greeman, undated
In White America: SDS and Radical Consciousness. Greg Calvert and Carl Davidson (1967)
Introduction to the Black Panther Party, An. The John Brown Society (1968)
Labor and the South. Robert Analavage (1968)

Pamphlets Filed Alphabetically, M-N

Meaning of Economic Imperialism, The. James O’Connor, undated
Mother Jones in Appalachia. Keith Dix (1970)
Mushroom Effect: A Directory of Women’s Liberation (1970)
NACLA Research Methodology Guide. North American Congress on Latin America (1970)

Pamphlets Filed Alphabetically, O-P

Other Israel, The: A Critique of Zionist History and Policy. Israeli Socialist Organization (1968)
People’s History of Cape Breton, The (1971)
Position and Progress of Black America, The: Some Pertinent Statistics. Thomas F. Mayer (1967)
Power in American Society. Jim Jacobs, undated
Putting-On the Poverty Program. David Wellman, undated

Pamphlets Filed Alphabetically, R

Radical Defense Handbook, A, undated
Radicals in the Professions, vol. 1, no. 8, July-August 1968
Red Papers, The, undated
Red Papers, The, 3, undated
Rise of the People’s Communes, The. Anna Louise Strong, undated
Rostow’s Stages of Economic Growth Through Escalation to Nuclear Destruction. Andre Gunder Frank, undated

Pamphlets Filed Alphabetically, S-T

Scarce Resources: The Dynamic of American Imperialism. Heather Dean, undated
Second Declaration of Havana: Reclama Su Libertad (1962)
Strike at Frisco State! The Story Behind It, undated
Thoughts on the Movement: Who Does the Movement Move? John McDermott (1967)
To the Point...of Production: An Interview With John Watson, undated
Towards a Democratic History. Jesse Lemisch (1967)

Pamphlets Filed Alphabetically, U

U.A.W. Settles With Ford, The: Sellout and Insurgency in the Auto Industry. Jim Jacobs, undated
University, The. Allen Krebs (1967)
University-Military Complex: A Directory and Related Documents. Michael Klare, undated

Pamphlets Filed Alphabetically, V-Z

Viet Report: Colonialism and Liberation in America, summer 1968
Vietnam: A Thousand Years of Struggle. Terry Cannon (1969)
We May Not Have Much, but There’s a Lot of Us! undated
Where it’s At: A Research Guide for Community Organizing. Jill Hamberg (1967)
White Blindspot and Can White Radicals be Radicalized? Noel Ignatin and Ted Allen (1969)
Women vs. Health Industry: Health Care May be Hazardous to Your Health. Alice Wolfson, undated
Zionism and the Israeli State. Larry Hochman, undated

Newspaper (Black Panther, The)
Vol. 4 no. 16, Saturday, March 21, 1970

Newspaper (Leviathan)
Vol. 2, no. 2, June 1970

Newspaper (Movement)
Vol. 5, no. 10, November 1969

Newspaper (SDS)
Vol. 4, no. 9, undated

Newspaper (SPECTRE-4)
September-October, 1971

Box 2

Small pamphlets, (A-B)

America the Beautiful: An Essay on Daniel Boorstin and Louis Hartz. James O’Brien, undated
Argument of Latin America: Words for North Americans. Carlos Fuentes (1963)
Bread and Roses. Kathy McAfee and Myrna Wood, undated
Black Book, The. Earl Ofari and Judy Davis, undated
Black Liberation: Cultural and Revolutionary Nationalism. Earl Ofari, undated
Black Marines Against the Brass, undated
Black Workers in Revolt: How Detroit’s New Black Revolutionary Workers are Changing the Face of American Trade Unionism. Robert Dudnick (1969)
Bus Stop: Alice’s Restaurant Revisited. George Hanley, undated

Small pamphlets, (C-D)

Common Market, The: International Capitalism and the “Supra-Nationality.” Ernest Mandel (1967)
Consumption: Domestic Imperialism. Dave Gilbert, undated
Contemptuous Hairdressers: Ceremonies of Humiliation in School. Edgard Z. Friedenberg (1966)
Cops are Hired to Enforce the Laws, undated
Cultural Revolution in China, The: A Socialist Analysis. Leo Huberman and Paul Sweezy (1967)
Divorce Trial in China, A. Felix Greene (1961)
Does My Liberation Mean Not Your Liberation? undated
Don’t Carry More Than You Can Eat, or How to Survive a Little Bit Longer Than You Will if You Keep On Doing What You’re Doing Right Now, undated
Double Jeopardy: To Be Black and Female. Frances Beal, undated

Small pamphlets, (E-G)

Economic Aspects of U.S. Imperialism. Harry Magdoff (1966)
Economic Basis of Law and State, The. Ken Cloke (1971)
Eritrea: The Hidden War in East Africa. Mary Hanson, undated
Fight on to Victory! Detroit’s League Speaks, undated
Galbraith Reappraisal, A: The Ideologue as Gadfly. Robert Fitch (1968)
G.E.: Profile of a Corporation. Jerry De Muth (1967)
To Get a Good Job, Get a Good Education (1969)

Small pamphlets, (H-I)

Hard Times in Detroit. Bob Hippler and Dave Riddle (1970)
Having a Right--On Baby! Faith H. Liebert, undated
Historians and the New Deal. Brad Wiley, undated
I am Furious (Female), undated
Imperialism: An Exchange. Robert Wolfe and Ronald Aronson (1966)
Imperialism Old and New. Hamza Alavi (1964)

Small pamphlets, (K-M)

Kennedy’s Cultural Center is a Leopard-Skin Pillbox Hat. Charlie Simpson, undated
Long March in Latin America, The: Guerrilla Movements: Theory and Practice. Regis Debray (1965)
Man’s World and Welcome to It. Kae Halonen, undated
Mass-Line Leaders and Leadership in Rural China: Chapter Eighteen of The First Years of Yangyi Commune. Isabel and David Crook, undated
Mind of Clark Kerr, The: His View of the University Factory and the “New Slavery.” Hal Draper (1968)
Myths of the Cold War. Isaac Deutscher (1965)

Small pamphlets, (O-P)

On the Mechanisms of Imperialism: The Case of Brazil. Andre Gunder Frank (1964)
Peasants and Revolution. Hamza Alavi (1965)
PLP: A Critique, undated
Political Economy of Women’s Liberation. Margaret Benston (1969)
Powers Behind Apartheid, The. G. Fasulo
Private Power and the New Indochina War. Fred Cohen (1970)
Problems of United States Capitalism. Harry Magdoff (1965)
Protective Laws. Joan Jordan, undated

Small pamphlets, (R-S)

Radical America, vol. 4, no. 4, May, 1970. C.L.R. James
Radio Free People: 1971 Catalog of Tapes
Seminar on Radicalism in U.S. History. Ken Walzer and Dennis Gregg, undated
S.M. Lipset: Social Scientist of the Smooth Society. Jim Jacobs, undated
Subversion of Collective Bargaining, The. Daniel Bell (1960)
Stock Ownership and the Control of Corporations. Don Villarejo (1961)
Struggle in Guinea, The. Amilcar Cabral (1964)

Small pamphlets, (T)

They Almost Seized the Time! Vickie Pollard and Donna Keck, undated
They Say, All the Women Must Be Commandos (1970)
Third World, The: Its Emergence and Contours. Keith Buchanan (1963)
Tierra--O Muerte: The Land Belongs to the People. (1970)
Tierra Y Libertad (1970)
Towards a Democratic State in Palestine (1970)
Trapped in a System. Carl Oglesby (1965)
Tricontinental, no. 21-22, November-February, 1971

Small pamphlets, (U-Z)

Up Against the Blackboard (1968)
Uprooting Racism and Racists in the United States. James and Grace Lee Boggs (1970)
U.S.A.: The Labor Revolt. Stanley Weir (1967)
Vietnam and the Third World. Che Guevara (1967)
Visit to a Rural Commune. Felix Greene, undated
Walt W. Rostow: The Stages of Economic Stagnation. John H. Coatsworth, undated
What is Guerilla Theatre, Anyway? A Summer With the Wisconsin Draft Resistance Union, undated
Would You Believe...? An Introductory Critique of the True Believer and Eric Hoffer and Cold War Ideology. Paul Breines and Peter Wiley, undated
Zimbabwe: History of Struggle. Joseph Z. Dube (1971)


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