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Main Title:
Henry W. Moeller Collection

Type of Material: Manuscripts, slides, and files.
Personal Name: Henry W. Moeller
Collection ID: Collection 432
Creator: Henry W. Moeller
Extent: 5 cubic ft.
Span Dates: 1781-2000s


Henry W. Moeller Collection
Collection 432

Manuscripts, slides, and files.
Subjects: HMS Culloden shipwreck (1781), Long Island history, United States of America flag.
5 cubic ft.
Donated by Dr. Henry W. Moeller in 2009.

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Inventory (in-process)
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Box 1

A collection of original HMS Culloden (Montauk, NY) photographs taken by Henry W. Moeller during the excavation and conservation process. The slides are housed in a binder.

Text prepared by Dr. Henry W. Moeller.

The Culloden Shipwreck (1781) at Culloden Point in Montauk, NY is a world class nonrenewable resource in the Town of East Hampton, NY. The shipwreck is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. It is one of twelve Royal Navy ships of the line lost during the American Revolution throughout the world. A more thorough description of British warship losses is provide in the attached publication.

The original purpose for taking the photographs was to document the discovery and subsequent archaeological activities that took place on the wreck site.

A secondary objective was to document artifacts during the period they received conservation treatment in my laboratory. Finally a number of photographs were used in preparation for a 2004 exhibit of the shipwreck at Clinton Academy in East Hampton, NY. While they were given permission to use my photographs for the exhibit, no rights were given to them for subsequent use.

Page #1 (26 slides)
Culloden Point, Montauk, NY
18th century salvage techniques
John Allgauer, excavator
Pot hunters on small boat

Page #2 (28 slides)
Intact shoe, shoe parts, shoe parts, bottom of powder bag(?), side panel-pulley, pottery and iron, lead shot, grape shot, fish and food artifacts

Page #3 (30 slides)
Grenade, copper sheet, pipe (clay), unidentified bowl of pipe and stem, bolt, lead fingers, fire brick, glass, bone fragments, garbage truck with motto

Page #4 (34 slides
30 quadrant photographs, pine bask, air lift assembly

Page #5 (32 slides)
15 quadrant photographs, clam shells, pine bark, rope belt, buckles, spoon

Page #6 (34 slides)
Shoes, rope, spoon, quachat, gudgeon on garage floor, shoe buckle

Page #7 (32 slides)
Shoe buckle, Montauk Fire Department. anchor chain, pulley wheel,bowl fragments, Culloden point diver, quadrant photographs

Page #8 (31 slides)
Button, shoe buckle,pottery, copper sheathing, pipe stem, shoe leather, gudgeon from floor of garage, unidentified persons, shoe

Page #9 (31 slides)
Straight pins, spigot for rum or brandy cask, rope, bottom of cartridge carrier, rope, Wild Thyme?, unidentified

Page #10 (28 slides)
Unidentified, garbage truck, rope, hemp mat, buckle, straight pins, spoon, bottle, shoe buckle, pottery unidentified

Page #11 (15 slides)
Unidentified, barrel parts, shoe buckle, glass bottle, U-bolt

Page #12 (34 slides)
Unidentified, shoe buckle, wooden spoon, barrel(?)

Page #13 (31 slides)
Unidentified, glass, research vessel, pottery shard, shoe, spoon

Page #14 (15 slides)
Wooden spoon, bones, shoe, research vessel

Page #15 (35 slides)
Unidentified, shoe parts, pottery, spoon parts

Page #16 (29 slides)
Pipe stem and bowl, rum or brandy spigot, belt parts, copper sheathing, cannonball, unidentified

Page #17 (30 slides)
Cannonballs, grapeshot, bottle, irm chain

Page #18 (34 slides)
Copper sheathing, brass hoops, shoe buckle, grapeshot

Page #19 (34 slides)
Copper sheathing nails, sea shells, underlayment for copper sheathing, iron nails, rope, chain bolt

Page #20 (30 slides)
Cannonballs, barrel hoops, chain

Page #21 (25 slides)
Gudgeon? at 1972s dive shop (Robert Miller) barrel hoops, buttons, spoon, lead shot, fire brick, pins

Page #22 (28 slides)
Spigot, shoe buckle, hoop from barrel, bottle, spoon, chain, button

Page #23 (28 slides)
Intact shoe, details of spoon, whipped rope

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