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Long Island Pride Parade, Inc. - Gay and Lesbian Community Collection

Type of Material: Correspondence, flyers, memorabilia, and meeting minutes.
Personal Name:
Collection ID: Collection 380
Creator: Long Island Pride Parade, Inc.
Extent: 3 cubic ft.
Span Dates: 1998-2005


Long Island Pride Parade, Inc. - Gay and Lesbian Community Collection
Collection 380

3 cubic ft.
Correspondence, flyers, memorabilia, and meeting minutes.
Donated by Long Island Pride Parade, Inc. in September 2004 and March 2005.
Finding aid by Kristen J. Nyitray, August 2005. Updated May 2009. Updated April 2014.


From Long Island Pride's official website:
"Long Island Pride history and the Town of Huntington are linked since 1991 with a legal show cause order and hearing. In 1991 founding members of the Long Island Lesbian and Gay Pride and Freedom Committee (now known as Long Island Pride Parade Inc.) worked hard to win the right to hold a Long Island Pride event. After applying and being turned down in Northport and Port Jefferson for permits to hold a parade, the committee approached Huntington.

Founding members Leah Gustavson, David Kilmnick, Cara Wilson and Steve Henaghan were stunned when the Huntington Supervisor turned down the committee's request, especially after hearing the reason. The refusal to grant a parade permit was that only traditional parades were allowed on Huntington's streets Memorial Day, St. Patrick's Day, etc.). The committee decided not to let that go and the ACLU provided a lawyer to try to sue the Town of Huntington for the right to hold the parade. On May 28, 1991 in a Federal Court, Judge Leonard D. Wexler heard both arguments and announced that the committee won their case and granted a permit. The 1st Long Island Pride Parade took place on June 9, 1991 in front of 1,000 to 2,000 spectators.

From those roots in 1991 to the present day Pride event that close to 4,000 people take part in. That number includes marchers, spectators and Festival participants. Over 100 LI GLBT organizations proudly participate in the days' events celebrating our pride and uniting as one voice in the fight for equal rights.

Long Island GLBT's applaud the Founding Members for their courage to put themselves right in the middle of a legal battle that brought along with it derisive remarks from the homophobic misinformed. The strength and courage to take this cause public, as they did, is he very foundation of Long Island Pride. We must never forget their courage and always remember and honor them in years to come!

The present day committee also wants to let everyone know that the Town of Huntington now is very supportive of our event and with the help from the Huntington Town Supervisor and Board, and their respective staff, Long Island Pride is now a much looked forward to event in Huntington.

With the help of Suffolk County Legislator Jon Cooper proclamations were issued at the 2002 Rally by Leg. Coop (sic) and Town Supervisor Frank Petrone, declaring the 2nd Sunday of every June as LONG ISLAND PRIDE DAY!

Pride is steeped in controversy, legal battles and political red tape throughout the United States. Strides hopefully are made through the public's education for our equal rights. Nothing good every comes easy. Each year there are new struggles and new obstacles along the path. It's nice to know what started on Long Island as a court ordered relationship is now based in professional courtesy and mutual respect."

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Box 1: Meeting Minutes, Correspondence, and Ephemeral Material

Bylaws and board memberships
Meeting minutes, 1998
Meeting minutes, 1999
Meeting minutes, 2000
Meeting minutes, 2001
Meeting minutes, 2003
Meeting minutes, 2004
Correspondence, 1999-2005
Flyers and ephemeral material
Stationery and letterhead

Box 2: Event Files

1991 Parade
1992 Parade
1993 Parade
1994 Parade
1996, 1997 Parade
1998 Parade
1999 Parade
2000 Parade
2000, 2001 Winter Ball
2001 Parade
2002 Parade
2003 Parade

Box 3: Event Files (continued)

2003 Winter Ball
2004 Parade
2004 Parade Advertisements
2004 Moonlight Cruise
2004 Unity in the Community
2004 3rd Halloween Costume Dance
2004 Winter Ball
2004 Partners in Pride Fundraiser
2005 Northeast Regional Pride Conference
2005 Winter Ball
2005 Parade

Box 4: Photographs

1. CERF-PAL Picnic and Expo

2. CERF-PAL Picnic and Expo - Congressman Bob Mrazek and Steve Henaghan
Jeff Glayzer and Richard Thomas
Jeff Glayzer, Helene Schulman, John Jackson
Helene Schulman
Mark Gunning
Judi Goldstein and Bob Kadlel
NYC Assemblywoman Debra Glick and Judi Goldstein
Steve Henaghan, NYC Assemblywoman Debra Glick, and Judi Goldstein
Congressman Bob Mrazek
CERF-PAL Bus trip to Taj Mahal in Atlantic City, NJ, June 1991

3. L.I. Pride Parade and Rally, 1991

4. L.I. Pride Parade - Sandy Sanders and Fran Goldman from P-FLAG
John Jackson, Bob Kadlel, and Friends
Fran Goldman, Sandy Sanders
Sue Senson, Claudia Frost, and David Kilmnick
Co-founder Cara Wilson
Main Street, Huntington
Drag queens
LIGALY - L.I. Gay and Lesbian Youth
GLIB Richard Thomas
Women’s Alternative Community Center
Irish Lesbians and Gays
Act Up L.I.
Mid Suffolk NOW
Bob Kadlel, Donna and Simone Ryals of CERF-PAC
Bob Kadlel, Lady Lipton, NYS NOW President Marilyn Hinnen
Edna Shutle, Jeff Glayzer, Lady Lipton, Mike Loflus, Judy Goldstein, Bob Kadlel
Linda Beinhaven

5. L.I. Pride Rally - Co-founder Steve Henaghan
Co-founder Cara Wilson
Cathy Ferra, Judi Goldstein, Steve Henaghan
Steve Henaghan, Cathy Ferra

Box 5: Subject Files

LIGALY (Long Island Gay and Lesbian Youth)
Northeast Regional InterPride Conference - 2004, 2005
Gaymen and Lesbians in Brookhaven - October/November 1994
Long Island Pride Press Publications - May and July 2000
Long Island Metroline - April 2005
Long Island Rainbow News - volume 1, issue 1, Fall 2003
New York City
Metrobears NY

Box 6: Newspapers

Newsday: June 6, 1991 - Part II, "Gay, Proud & Suburban"
Newsday: June 10, 1991 - cover story, "Gay Pride"
Newsday: August 14, 2004 - cover story, "NJ Governor Shocks State"
The Fire Island News: June 8-14, 2005

Box 7: Artifacts

Gay Pride/Rights Buttons (15 pieces)
1 rainbow necklace
1 NERP badge

Boxes 8-10: Textiles

"Long Island’s First Lesbian & Gay Parade, June 9, 1991" (2)
"Tower’s Flowers" (2)
"Long Island Pride Parade: Proud in Our Action"
"Long Island Pride: Pride without Prejudice"
"Long Island Pride Parade Inc."
"Long Island Pride Parade: 10 Years & Going Strong"

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