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Main Title:
League of Women Voters of the Town of Oyster Bay (NY) Collection

Type of Material: Organizational records.
Personal Name:
Collection ID: Collection 322
Creator: League of Women Voters of the Town of Oyster Bay (NY)
Extent: 5 cubic ft.
Span Dates: 1970s-1980s


League of Women Voters of the Town of Oyster Bay (NY) Collection
Collection 322


Organizational records.
5 cubic ft.
The League was organized in 1960 and disbanded in 1985.
Processed by Special Collections, January 2007. Updated April 2014.


This collection was acquired from the League of Women Voters of Nassau County in December 1991 at the League's office, in the home of Mrs. Laura Berensen, the retiring Secretary. Mrs. Berensen is a former member and officer of the Oyster Bay League and stated that this League disbanded during its twenty-fifth anniversary in 1985.

The State Board of the League of Women Voters of New York voted provisional League status to the pre-provisional League of Oyster Bay in June 1959. Full League status was granted by the National Board in 1960.

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Box 1
LWV of TOBAY (2f)
LWV of TOBAY - Membership list (1976)
LWV of TOBAY - Board list (1970)
LWV of TOBAY - Orientation
LWV of TOBAY - Human resources
LWV of TOBAY - Area business
LWV of TOBAY - Meetings
LWV of TOBAY - Annual Dinner Meeting

Box 2
LWV of TOBAY - Board Meetings and Agenda (3f)
LWV of TOBAY - Evaluation of Meetings
LWV of TOBAY - Correspondence (3f)

Box 3
LWV of TOBAY - Congress Workshop (2f)
LWV of TOBAY - Legislature (Nassau County)
LWV of TOBAY - Campaigns Standards
LWV of TOBAY - Candidates Meetings
LWV of TOBAY - Poll Watching
LWV of TOBAY - Election System Projects
LWV of TOBAY - Primary Election

Box 4
LWV of TOBAY - Judicial (2f)
LWV of TOBAY - Files
Filling Information - Local Files
LWVNC - Forms
LWVNC - Revenue Sharing
LWV of TOBAY - Budget
LWV of TOBAY - Financing League
LWV of TOBAY - Finance
LWV of TOBAY - Finance Ideas
LWV of TOBAY - Finance Letters

Box 5
LWVUS - Apportionment and Redistricting (2f)
LWVUS - Memorandum
LWVUS - Report from the Hill
LWVUS - National Board Report
LWVUS - Bylaws
LWVUS - Electoral College
LWVUS - Equal Rights Amendment (ERA)
LWVUS - ERA: Women and the Law
LWVUS - Education Fund
LWVUS - Community Guide

Box 6
LWVNY - NY State Program
LWVNY - State Board Report
LWVNY - Finance
LWVNY - Election Law
LWVNY - Candidates Meetings
LWVNY - Practical Politics
LWVNY - How to be a Good President
NY State Constitution - Making Procedures
NY State - Study of the NY State Constitution
State Program - Constitutional Convention

Box 7
NYS - Constitutional Convention
NYS - Judicial
Legislature Study
State Legislature
Practical Politics - Program State 1960s
NYS - Property Tax
State Program - Election Law
NYS - Voting Records

Box 8
National Voting Records
NYS - CDA Campaign
Voter’s Service - November Election
Voter’s Service - Moderating
Voter’s Service - Speakers Notes
Voter’s Service - Past Ideas
Voter’s Service - Guides
Voter’s Service - They Represent You

Box 9
Voter’s Service - Facts for Voter
Voter’s Service (1961 - 1964)
Voter’s Service (1967 - 1972)
Voter’s Service (1973 - 1979)
News Election Service
National Program - Federalist Papers
National Program - Program Planning
National Program - National Bylaws
National Program -  Foreign Policy

Box 10
National Program - Labor Costs and International Trade
National Program - Education Fund
National Program - Natural Resources
National Program - Solid Waste
National Program - Energy
National Program - Human Resources
National Program - Miscellaneous
Local Program - Council manic Districts
Local Program - Education
Local Program - Recreation
Local Program - Natural Resources

Box 11
Local Program - Know Your Town Program (5f)

Box 12

TOBAY - Board Study
TOBAY - Special Districts
TOBAY - Special Districts Study 1963
TOBAY - Town Law Study
TOBAY - Finance Study
TOBAY - Budget
TOBAY - Revenue Sharing Oyster Bay (2f)

Box 13
TOBAY - Transportation
TOBAY - History
Local Housing
Planning and Zoning
Study on Education
Foundation for Citizen Education

Box 14
Land Use
Natural Resources
Human Resources
County Legislature
International Relations 

Box 15
International Relations
Publications - A Guidebook to the Hamlet of Oyster Bay
Publications - The TOBAY Voter (2f)
Publications - Education
Publications - Oyster Bay Focus
Publications - Know Your Town
Publications - Budget

Box 16
Publications - Voter’s Guide (3f)

Box 17
Map (Master Plan Oyster Bay)

Box 18
LWV of TOBAY Guest Book

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