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Main Title:
League of Women Voters of Nassau County (NY) Collection

Type of Material: Organizational records.
Personal Name:
Collection ID: Collection 321
Creator: League of Women Voters of Nassau County (NY)
Extent: 3.7 cubic ft.
Span Dates:


League of Women Voters of Nassau County (NY) Collection
Collection 321

Organizational records.
3.7 cubic ft.
Processed by Special Collections, January 2007.

Rights and Permissions 

Stony Brook University Libraries' consent as the physical owner of the collection does not address copyright issues that may affect publication rights. It is the sole responsibility of the user of Special Collections and University Archives materials to investigate the copyright status of any given work and to seek and obtain permission where needed prior to publication.   


Box 1
LWVNC - Office (original location)
LWVNC - Regional Planning
LWVNC - Public statements
LWVNC - Community
LWVNC - Handbook
Nassau Charter
LWVNC - Charter Revision
Correspondence (2f)

Box 2
Annual County Convention
Annual Meeting (2f)

Box 3
Public Relations
National Security
NYS Legislature
LWVNC - Legislative News
LWVNC - Courts (1963-1966)
LWVNC - Court Reorganization
LWVNC - Court Reform
NYS Proposed Constitution
County Charter Revision (2f)

Box 4
Charter Revision Workshop
ERA (Equal Rights Amendment Campaign)
ERA Campaign Kit
Election Reform
18 Year Old Voter - Election Law
Election Item
Voter’s Service (2f)

Box 5
Voter’s Service - Direct Line
Voter’s Service - Guides
Voter’s Service - Bylaws and Budget
Voter’s Service - Polling Places
Voter’s Service - They Representation
Voter’s Service - Yellow Book
Voter’s Service - County Program
Voter’s Service - Jury Duty
Voter’s Service - Annual Report
Voter’s Service - Candidates Meetings
Voter’s Service - Newsday
Voter’s Service - Misc. Corp.
Voter’s Service - Voting Machines
Voter’s Service - Voter’s Guide
Voter’s Service - Candidates Fair
Voter’s Service - Registrations Voting
Voter’s Service - New Citizens

Box 6
Voter’s Guide - Handbook for Voters
Voter’s Guide - Voter’s Guide
Voter’s Guide - Publicity
Board Minutes (4f)

Box 7
Finances Sate
CZM (Coastal Zone Management Program) (2f)
Filling of Vacancies
Human Resources

Box 8
Human Resources 
Human Resources - Local Projects
Human Resources - EOC, HWC and NAC
Department of Welfare
Study of Child Care in Nassau County
Financing Education
Consumer Affairs

Box 9
Better Business Bureau
Land Use
Housing (2f)
Box 10
Transportation (2f)
Urban Crisis
Catalogs and Publications (2f)

Box 11
Planning and Zoning in Nassau County

 Box 12

Box 13

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