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AIDC 100 Archives – GS1 US, OCR-B Collection

Type of Material: Film masters.
Personal Name:
Collection ID: Collection 434
Creator: GS1 US
Extent: 3 cubic ft.
Span Dates: 1975


AIDC 100 Archives – GS1 US, OCR-B Collection
Collection 434

Film masters, ca. 1975.
3 cubic ft.
Organization: items arranged by original order; sub-series arranged alphabetically and chronologically.
Film masters from the ANSI/ISO working group on optical character recognition.
Processed by F. Jason Torre with Sagnik Dhar, Spring 2010.
Finding aid edited by and website by Kristen J. Nyitray, January 2011.

Box List
AIDC 100 Archives Resource Center


The GS1 US, OCR-B Collection was donated to Special Collections in 2006 by the former president of GS1 US, Frank Sharkey.

"GS1 US, a not-for-profit member-driven organization, administers the U.P.C. and develops worldwide standards and solutions for identification numbers, data carriers, electronic commerce, and global data synchronization."

The OCR-B is a set of monospace font developed in 1968 by Adrian Frutiger for Monotype by following the European Computer Manufacturer's Association standard. Its function was to facilitate the optical character recognition operations by specific electronic devices. It has been accepted as world standard in 1973. It follows the ISO 1073/II-1976 (E), refined in 1979 ("letterpress" design, size I). It has been created to get financial features, bank-oriented specifically. It includes all ASCII symbols, and other symbols included for the bank environment. It is widely used for UPC codes' numbers. It shares the target with OCR-A, but it is easier for the human eye to read and it has a less technical look. (Source: Wikipedia)

The collection consists of three cubic feet of material and is comprised of film masters used in the creation and validation of printed letters, as per the ANSI X3.49-1975 R2000 standard for optical character recognition (OCR-B) set 'B.' 

The collection serves to provide researchers with an overview of this historical landmark in AIDC industry as well as a means of preserving the film masters.

The collection is open to research without restrictions.

When citing the collection, please credit it as follows: GS1 US OCR-B Collection, Special Collections, Stony Brook University Libraries.

For information regarding the GS1 US, visit and for information on the American National Standard Institute (ANSI) visit

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Box List

Box 1

1. ECMA Originals (M. Lauri) - OCR - B
2. NBS OCR-B Masters - Size I (118 photographs, emulsion on back) NBS OCR-B Masters - Size III (21 photographs, emulsion on back)

Box 2

1. OCR Drawings originals and OD-7 (negative doubles)
2. Letterpress grid removed
3. "Imprimeur" - Non grattes - Letter Press Fon, Size I - (117 pieces)

Box 3

1. "Dessins Imprimeur" - Orinaux - Size I - (Imprimeur Detoure)
2. Originaux - Size I of III - Lignes Centrales

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