The Latin American and Caribbean Studies Center offers a minor to Undergraduate Students at Stony Brook, which is offered through the College of Arts and Sciences. Minors often enroll smaller numbers of students than majors. In minors, students can explore a field other than their major specialization. This gives them the opportunity to broaden their understanding and to connect with students from diverse intellectual backgrounds. For information about each minor, see the chapter "Majors, Minors, and Academic Programs."



1:00pm, N-320, SBS Building
Professor Adrián Perez Melgosa, Hispanic Languages &Literature
Natalia Chamorro, Ph.D. Candidate, HLL
José Chueca, Ph.D. Candidate, HLL
3:00pm, N3060 Melville Library 
"Volver A Ver A Un Hombre. Recurrencias Visuales De La Guerra Guazu En Candido Lopez. Los Campos De Batalia
12:00pm, Melville Library N3060
"Traduciendo la utopia. La Revoluction Cubana en Nueva York" 

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