The minor in Latin American and Caribbean Studies allows students to pursue an interdisciplinary course of study that provides a broad overview of Latin America and the Caribbean. Students are introduced to the principal historical, social, and cultural themes in the region, and through their electives, they are also able to develop more detailed knowledge of specific subjects in the region, such as the history of a particular country or the literature of a particular period.

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Courses in Latin American and Caribbean Studies (LAC)
See the Course Descriptions listing in Bulletin for complete information.
*LAC 200-J Introduction to Latin American and Caribbean Societies
LAC 380 Topics in Latin American Studies
LAC 487 Independent Research in Latin American and Caribbean Studies (Permission)
LAC 488 Internship (Permission)
LAC 490 Senior Seminar in Latin American and Caribbean Studies
(*HUS 254-J Latin America Today will be accepted when LAC 200 is not offered)

Requirements for the Minor in Latin American and Caribbean Studies (LAC)
All courses offered for the minor must be passed with a letter grade of C or higher.

Completion of the minor requires 18 credits

*LAC 200, Introduction to Latin American and Caribbean Societies -OR- *HUS 254, Latin America Today
One literature or culture course, to be chosen from those listed in Group A (Course Bulletin)
One history or social science courses, to be chosen from those listed in Group B (Course Bulletin)
Two additional upper-division courses to be chosen from Groups A and B
LAC 488, Internship (or LAC 487 Independent Research) with permission of director

(*HUS 254-J Latin America Today will be accepted when LAC 200 is not offered)


1. Relevant special topics given in any department are acceptable for the minor with the approval of the director.
2. Use University's Class schedule for courses offered each semester.
3. LAC Undergraduate Courses Listed by semester.

Group A: Literature and Culture
AFH 330 Pan-African Literature I, II
AFH/EGL 368 Caribbean and American Connections in Literature
ARH 315 G Art of Spain/Colonial Latin Am
ARH 326 Arts of Ancient Mesoamerica
EGL 376 The Literature of Imperialism
HUS 254 Latin America Today
HUS 255 Modern Spain
SPN 111-12 Elementary Spanish I and II
SPN 211-12 Intermediate Spanish I and II
SPN 310 Spanish Grammar & Comp. Hisp-Am Background
SPN 311 Spanish Conversation & Comp.
SPN 312 Intro to Literary Studies
SPN 321 Advanced Spanish Grammar & Comp.
SPN 322 Practical Spanish
SPN 391-92 The Culture and Civilization of Spanish America
SPN 393 Intro to Hispanic Linguistics
SPN 395 Introduction to Spanish-American Literature I
SPN 397 Introduction to Spanish Literature I
SPN 410 Theory in Contexts
SPN 415 Hispanic Cultures in Contact
SPN 420 Topics in Latin American Cinema
SPN 435 Topics in Latin American Literature, Colonial Period-Present
SPN 445 Topics in Spanish Literature Middle Ages-Present
SPN 463 Contrastive Span-Eng Grammar

The following topics courses may also be used when the topic is appropriate:
ANT 310 Ethnography
DAN 369 World Dance I,II
EGL 301 Authors/Periods/Topics/Int Wrt
EGL 372 Topics in Women and Lit.
EGL 374, 377 Literature in English in Relation to Other Disciplines
HIS 396 Topics in US History
HUS 361 Latin American Literature
HUS 390 Latin American Cinema
MUS 311 Topics in Non-Western Music
SOC/WST 394 Special Topics
SPN 405 Issues in Hispanic Cultural
WST 398 Gender, Race, Ethnicity

Group B: History/Social Sciences
AFS 239 Introduction to the Caribbean Experience
AFS 240 Issues in Caribbean Society
AFS 345 Women in Africa and the Caribb
AFS/ANT 380 Race and Ethnicity in Latin America and the Caribbean
AFS/HIS 388 Slavery in Latin America and the Caribbean
AFS 393 Caribbean Immigrants in U.S.
ANT 201 Peoples of South America
ANT 219 Peoples of the Caribbean
ANT 361 Peasants
ECO 358 Topics in Developing Economies (when topic is appropriate)
HIS 213 Colonial Latin America
HIS/POL 214 Modern Latin America
HIS/POL 216 History of U.S.-Latin American Relations
HIS 380 Topics/Latin American History
HIS 381 J Lat Am & World Commod
HIS/POL 382 Politics and Political Change in Latin America
HIS 385 Aztec Civilization
HIS/EHM 386 The Maya
HIS/WST 387 Women, Development, and Revolution in Latin America
HIS 389 Modern Mexico
HIS 421, 422 Colloquia in Latin American History
LAC 200 Intro to Latin America
POL 372 Politics in the Third World
SOC 364 Sociology of Latin America

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