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The LAC Internship program is designed for undergraduate students to get a hands-on or firsthand feel for Latin American/Latino issues in their larger community or in institutions devoted to Latin America. This serves as a reality complement--a practicum--to classroom learning about the region, its cultures, its peoples. Students register for LAC 488 (3-6 credits) and must discuss their proposed internship beforehand with the Director (e-mail: for permission and/or suggestions. The Internship is now required for the LACS Minor and is normally undertaken in the junior or senior year. (The LACS Internship can also be taken by non-LAC minors, who simply want this experience.) The Internship should actively combine work, service or assistantship with learning. The intern writes a brief (6-8 pages) report on their experience, which is used for evaluation and grading at the end of the semester.  Maintain a journal with weekly entries which will form the basis of your report

Currently, LACS has developed active Internships with the following organizations, though students may wish to submit or explore suitable projects on their own:

OFFICE OF DIVERSITY AND AFFIRMATIVE ACTION [unavailable Spring 2014] Under the direction of a Diversity and Affirmative Action Employee this 3 credit Stony Brook graded internship will enable students to coordinate special projects and events that service the Latino campus community within Stony Brook University and provide additional resources to Stony Brook University Employees.   Contact: Antonio Ferrantino, phone 631-632-6280 or email:

 SUFFOLK COOPERATIVE LIBRARY SYSTEM (Bellport, Long Island). (Varied Library locations) “Spanish Language Internship Program.” A well-organized innovative program to enhance bi-lingual services throughout the library system. Translation and other assistance. Contact: Edana McCaffery-Cichanowitz, 631-273-7883 ext. 340 or

NACLA--North American Congress on Latin America (New York City, Upper West Side) 5-6 hours weekly, helping with cutting edge research on Latin American political and human rights issues for this renowned periodical. Demanding. Contact, Fred Rosen:

MEXICAN CULTURAL INSTITUTE (NYC, Mid-town). 5 hours. The Mexican government sponsors this autonomous institute devoted to diffusion of Mexico’s cultural contributions (in plastic arts, film, writing, scholarship) and to cultural exchange. Sophisticated program provides studentinsights into cultural policyand Latin American arts. Hours: flexible. Interns assist in events and programming. Contact: Aldo Sánchez, 212-217-6474

DIOCESE OF ROCKVILLE CENTER (Rockville Center). “Religious Education for Hispanic Adults/Hispanic Ministry.” Catholic-sponsored but non-sectarian, out-reach programs to growing Latino population on Long Island, especially tutoring and translation services. Active in parishes throughout Long Island. Contact: Francisco Cales 516-678-5800 ext 618,

WORKPLACE PROJECT (Centro de Derechos Laborales) (Hempstead and Farmingville). A non-profit organization founded in 1992 that unites immigrant workers and their families for better working and living conditions.  The Workplace Project accepts Interns to work with timely projects relating to workers’ and migrants’ rights on Long Island.  
Contact: Phone: 516- 565-5377 or 565-5378
Hempstead: Nadia Molina,  
Farmingville: Omar Angel Perez,

AFL-CIO UNION SUMMER PROGRAM. Union organizing, in predominantly Latino communities. Varied locations: NYC, Chicago, LA, Syracuse. Modest compensation for 4- weeks training, internship. Contact: Carol Carvalho,

Broad-based organization working in Litigation, Education and Policy areas affecting Latinos and Puerto Rico. Students with a pre-law educational focus are preferred. Applicants accepted on a case-by-case basis. Contact: Sonji Patrick 212-739-7497.

Media, NGO and reform-oriented research, with a special interest in news from and about Latin America, and an audience in U.S. minority communities. Contact: Lisa Vives 212-244-3123.

Hands-on museum education and practical museum work experience; help with workshops and other educational materials. For enhanced understanding of Latin American arts and culture. Contact: Donna Lalwani,

STUDY ABROAD--Latin America/Caribbean/Spain
Interns who wish to study or work in Latin America or the Caribbean should investigate possibilities available through the Stony Brook “Study Abroad Office,” which can be a gateway to SUNY-sponsored travel programs to various regions of South America, Spain, and the Caribbean. Contact the International Study Abroad Advisor at: 
Visit the Stuby Abroad office at the Melville Library E-5340 or call 631-632-7030.

HISPANIC ASSOCIATION OF COLLEGES AND UNIVERSITIES (HACU) (Washington D.C.), (paid) Internship Programs. HACU is the only national educational association that represents Hispanic-Serving Institutions.  Application deadlines and requirements are posted on HACU's website: or Contact: Sandra Ramirez, 916-442-0392 for assistance with internship opportunities. 

Internships available in media and policy development promoting alternatives and reforms to current drug policy. Contact: Evan Goldstein,, 212-8038 or visit


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