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The Latin American and Caribbean Studies center is building a substantive Latin American/Latino Film collection (video/dvd) about and from Latin America and the Caribbean. This includes documentary, educational and historical films, feature-length films set in the region, Latino-culture films, Latin American and Latino music videos and original feature- length films from recognized Latin American directors (mainly from Mexico, Brazil and Argentina). We aim to notably expand these collections and their scope over the next few years. The film library serves mainly for in class-room teaching purposes for faculty and graduate students at Stony Brook.

LACS films exist presently in several locations throughout the University, with various lending and use practices:

  • "FILM LIBRARY" – Social & Behavioral Sciences Building, Room N337
    This is the principle LACS collection, which now contains more than one hundred films, about half of them feature-length films, the other half documentary or educational films for class use. There are over twenty-five films on Mexican or Chicano themes (including seven annotated classics of the noted director Arturo Ripstein) and well-used documentaries such as the PBS “Americas” series (ten episodes) and Carlos Fuentes’ “The Buried Mirror” series (five episodes.). Films are for faculty and graduate students only. Contact Domenica Tafuro, LACC Assistant for sign-out procedures.

    Here is a complete list of VIDEO Collection


  • Latin American & Caribbean Studies "PERMANENT RESERVE COLLECTION"
    These films were first acquired under a University ‘Diversity Grant’ won by Professors Kathleen Vernon and Cora Lagos in 1998. They are centrally placed in the Central Reading Room video collections of the main Melville Library (1st Floor). The films are kept under the separate “Video Permanent Reserve” area behind the main desk. Approximately 30 other Latin-America-related films are also found in this collection, including the five-part “Caribbean Eye” documentary series and another teaching copy of PBS “Americas.” All students or Faculty with current University ID may borrow these films for up to two-days. Films may also be advance reserved for semester teaching dates. For information, call 632-7110.


  • Melville Library: Main Video Collection
    In the same Melville Library Periodicals room, a large video collection is can be perused that although not yet specifically catalogued for Latin American films, holds a substantial number. There are mainly feature-length films and some documentaries such as the History-Channel’s five-part series “Mexico.” Films may be borrowed on a -day basis with valid University I.D. 

    Consult “Stars” (Melville electronic catalogue) or the Video Collection numeric catalogue for specific titles:


  • Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity (ODAA) Film Collection
    A most recently acquired documentary in their collection is "Imaging Mina" a story-driven documentary of Peruvian boxer, Mauro Mina.  Films borrowed from the Office can be taken out for a max of three (3) business days, however, if extensions are needed, they will be evaluated based on purpose and availability. By using the films provided by the Office of Institutional Diversity and Equity you agree to return them in a timely manner and in functional condition. If not returned, lost, stolen, or damaged you guarantee that your office will replace said film.

    For additional information, visit ODAA:



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