2009 Tinker Grantee Narratives

ALVAREZ, MARIA GABRIELA. A Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Hispanic Languages and Literature working on “From melodrama to social awareness: The evolution of the Mexican telenovela,” will travel to Mexico to research the Latin American popular culture of telenovelas of the past three decades by conducting interviews and visiting Televisa archives in Mexico City.

BENAVIDES, MARTIN. A first year Masters student in Marine & Atmospheric Sciences Department working on “A field and DNA-based investigation into the shark fin trade of Peru: A critical step towards informed shark conservation in South America.” His research in Peru will combine an in-depth exploratory investigation of shark fisheries in this country with cutting edge molecular techniques to establish which species and size classes of sharks are exploited for fin trade.

FERNANDEZ GONZALEZ, ANA. A Ph.D. candidate in the Hispanic Languages and Literature Department working on “Spanish Erotic Novels Written by Women (Fin de Siècle – Beginning XX Century),” will visit Madrid to research material at the Biblioteca Nacional de España and the Biblioteca de Mujeres. Her research examines Spanish Literature between 1890 and 1930 within the Erotic Literature genre and specifically the narrative fiction written by women during these years.

FREDRICK, SHARONAH. A Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Hispanic Languages and Literature working on “Amerindian Narratives of Space: Analyzing Colonial Mayan Mapmaking in the Contemporary Yucatan,” will be consulting diverse archives in Merida and Veracruz, Mexico and conducting fieldwork with local indigenous communities to explore the persistence of traditional and colonial concepts of space in present times.

ONSTINE, ALISON. A Ph.D. student in the Ecology and Evolution Department working on “The evolutionary history and speciation of migratory bird populations: DNA sampling of yellow-green vireos (Vireo flavoviridis) in Southwestern Mexico,” will travel to Sierra de Manantlán Biosphere Reserve in Mexico to collaborate with local researchers and collect DNA samples necessary to study the population of non-migratory vireos to understand what is feasible and realistic given the abundance of birds and nature of their behavior.

OTHEGUY, RAQUEL. A Ph.D. candidate in History working on “The Role of Race and Imperial Power in Intra-Caribbean Migration: Puerto Rican Laborers in Nineteenth Century Cuba,” will travel to Cuba to conduct research at various archival sites along with interviews of Puerto Rican descendants in local communities to gain significant information on Puerto Rican migration to Cuba.

PAGE POMA, FERNANDA. A Ph.D. candidate in Sociology from Argentina, working on “A case of collective “in-action” in Argentina,” will travel to Florencio Varela (one of the most poverty-stricken districts of Buenos Aires) to collect information and conduct interviews from this region of the events that occurred in 2001’s economic, social and political crisis.

SAAVEDRA CISNEROS, ANGEL. A Ph.D. student in Political Science working on “Exploring political psychology in Latin American: Comparative perspectives from faculty, students and citizens,” will visit Mexico to learn more about the Latin American way of thinking and political behavior through in-depth interviews, visiting various academic institutions and political experiments with native populations.

SANZ ALVAREZ, ARANCHA. A Ph.D. candidate in the Hispanic Languages and Literature department working on “Spanish Women Travelers,” will be visiting Madrid to review travel narratives and related material from theBiblioteca Nacional de España and Sociedad geografica Espanola (Spanish Geographical Society) that will assist her research of Spanish Women Travelers of the Nineteenth Century.

TOLEDO, ROBERTO. A Ph.D. candidate in Philosophy working on “Community- Based Healing through Religion and Hip Hop in Brazil,” will be conducting interviews with several community members to complete his research of hip-hop movements and religious movements that are currently the two most influential movements affecting troubled youths in racially marginalized communities in France and Brazil.

YOUNG, KEVIN. A Ph.D. history student working on “Patterns of Protest in Rural Colombia: The Regional Indigenous Council of Cauca, 1971-1991,” will be visiting Bogotá and Cauca, Colombia to locate archives and written records of indigenous protests and Indian-State relations along with establishing contacts with individuals and communities with historical experience in peasant and indigenous movements.

ZUNIGA ESPINOZA, CRISTOBAL. A Ph.D. candidate in the History Department from Chile working on “The Making of the Alliance for Progress from an Inter-American Perspective,” will travel to Venezuela to access archives from the Romulo Betancourt Foundation and explore documents of Betancourt at the National Archives and the Archives Ministry of Foreign Relations to identify which Latin American leaders influenced Venezuela’s official position towards the Alliance for Progress and which social and political leaders influenced the final outcome.


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