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April 2011: 10th Graduate Conference Program: Changing Landscapes

April 2012: 11th Graduate Conference Program: Trans-nationalizing Popular Culture

April 2013: 12th Graduate Conference Program: Commodities, Capitalism and Culture

April 2014: 13th Graduate Conference Program: Urban Explorations


Participants in the 2014 (13th) Graduate Conference: Urban explorations

key bf

Keynote speaker, Prof. Brodwyn Fisher (University of Chicago)

grad conf

grad conf


Participants from April 12, 2013 (12th) Graduate Conference: Commodities, Capitalism and Culture


Prof. Marcy Norton, Keynote Speaker

marcy and paul g

Prof. Marcy Norton and Prof. Paul Gootenberg

paul firbas

Prof. Paul Firbas. LACC director




Participants from the April 8, 2011 Graduate Conference:

Grad Conference 2011

Grad Conference 2011

Grad Conference 2011

Grad Conference 2011

Grad Conference 2011

Grad Conference 2011

Grad Conference 2011


Guest Lecturer John Lipski on March 30, 2011

Firbas, Lipski, Ordonez
Paul Firbas, John Lipski and Francisco Ordonez at LACC (March 30, 2011)

A conversation with writer  Lina Meruane

Thursday, Nov 12, 5.30pm
Melville Library N3063

Freedom's Mirror: Cuba and Haiti in the Age of Revolution

Ada Ferrer (NYU) 

Monday, November 30th 

2:30pm; Javits Center 109

Program Poster here 


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