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Latin American and Caribbean Studies (LACS) was founded in 1995 and already encompasses forty Stony Brook faculty in such diverse fields as Latin American History, Ecology & Evolution, and Hispanic Language & Literatures. In its first decade, LACS brought new global and diversity perspectives to Stony Brook's research, curriculum, and its community. For example, LACS won a coveted Rockefeller Foundation Humanities award on the topic of “Durable Inequality in Latin America,” which brought top thinkers from across the Americas to work on this urgent issue and produced a path-breaking book in inequality studies. The LACS Gallery became a Long Island showcase for Latin American and Latino arts, including the prize-winning show “Unseen America,” documentary photography made by Latino day-workers. LACS created a Tinker Foundation funded Graduate Fieldwork Fellowship which sends 15 graduate students yearly, from any field, to pursue original summer research in Latin America and Spain. LACS also sponsors an annual student-run graduate conference drawing young scholars from across the hemisphere. LACS hosts a seminar series on the Americas, with more than a dozen speakers, conferences, and events a year. Many involve collaboration with prominent area universities such as NYU and Columbia, while others bring community leaders to campus on key issues facing Latinos today. 



Wednesday, September 28th

"We're All From Somewhere Else: Becoming Latino in America" 


GLS/HDV Center, 2nd floor


Colombia: War or Peace

Roundtable/Video Conference


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