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Korean Language Program

Stony Brook University offers four-year college-level courses for Korean language as follows:

First Year Korean (Elementary Courses: KOR 111, KOR112)
Second Year Korean (Intermediate Courses: KOR 211, KOR 212)
Third Year Korean (Intermediate Advanced: KOR 311, KOR 312)
Fourth Year Korean (Advanced: KOR 411, KOR412)

Admission: New students who wish to enter the Korean Language Program at a point other than the first term of the elementary Korean, should take the placement test or get permission from the instructor before registering.

Challenge Exams: Students who wish to be exempted from the language requirement at Stony Brook University, can take a Challenge Exam. Challenge Exams are given two times each semester. Please check the Center for Korean Studies’ website for the announcement and schedule for the exams each semester. For further information, click here.  


Spotlights: Final Projects from Fall 2010

Elementary Korean I, Fall 2010 Intermediate Korean I, Fall 2010
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