Challenge Exams 

Challenge exams for Korean language are offered two times in each semester. The exams are designed for students who wish to be exempt from the University Foreign Language Requirement (Skill 3) or who wish to receive credits for any of the Korean language courses that are offered by the Korean Language Program. The exams test students’ proficiency of the Korean language in various categories including listening comprehension, grammar, vocabulary, composition, and interpretation of literature.

Date, time and location information are announced in the beginning of each semester. Each applicant is expected to submit the application form (available in the Academic Advising) with academic advisor's signature and the receipt of the processing fee to Professor Heejeong Sohn in advance to the exam date they want to take the exam on. Students are given 60 minutes to complete the exam. Please bring your student ID to the exam. The exam results will be available in 7-10 business days.

[[Challenge Exam Instructions & Form]]

Challenge Exams for Korean Language (Spring 2016)

Thursday March 3rd, 11am-12pm

Wednesday April 6th, 1pm -2pm

Location: N5520 on the 5th floor, Melville Library (Center for Korean Studies)

For further information, please contact Professor Heejeong Sohn (Tel. 632-7311).



TOPIK is the only official standardized test for Korean language proficiency for foreigners administered by the Korean government. The test results can be used for local university applications, as well as employment purposes. There are two levels to choose from: TOPIK I (Basic, Level 1-2) & TOPIK II (Intermediate & Advanced, Level 3-6). The total test score will determine your proficiency standing between Levels 1 through 6.

Registration Dates for Spring 2016: January 13th- February 15th
Test Date: Saturday, April 16th

Test Venue: Melville Library E-4315

To register you need:
1. A completed application 
2. 2 photos (3cm x 4cm)
3. $20 fee (Cash or check, in case of check: make payable to Korean Consulate General)
Submit all materials to: Center for Korean Studies, N5520 Melville Library

[[TOPIK Application Form]]

[[TOPIK Information Flyer]]

For more information, visit

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