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Asian Entrees

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Soup of the Day Japanese Miso Soup Thai Tom Yam Soup Braised Beef Noodle Soup Sweet & Sour Soup Wonton Soup Traditional Egg Drop Soup Chinese Vegetable Clear Soup
Appetizers Chinese Shumai Vegetarian Dumplings

Vegetarian Spring Roll

Fried Fish ball

Egg Roll

Chicken Spring Roll

Squid Balls

Edamame Shu Mai

Chicken Potstickers

Egg Rolls

Assorted Dimsums
Noodles Japanese Fried Udon Pork Lo Mein Pad Thai Noodles Singapore Rice Noodles Spicy Kung Pao Butter Boodles with Chinese White Garlic Vegetable Lomein
Rice Thai Fried Rice Steamed Jasmine Rice Steamed Brown Rice Chinese Fried Rice Malaysian Ginger Rice Steamed Brown Rice Thai Fried Rice
Lunch Entree Malaysian Curry Chicken

Chinese Steamed Fish with Ginger

Garlic Sauce & Vegetable

Thai Mango Chicken Chinese Eggplant with Vegetables in Red Garlic Sauce Malaysian Curry Beef    
Dinner Entree Mapo Tofu with Spicy Ginger Sauce General Tsao's Chicken Mushrooms, Tofu & Vegetables in oyster Sauce Stir Fried Beef W/Chinese Water Spinach Malaysian Vegetable Curry Tofu Malaysian Curried Chicken Stir Fried Pork

*Consumption of undercooked meat, eggs, poultry or fish may increase your risk of food bourne illness

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