The Pre-College Japanese Program


The program starts on Sept. 11, 2016. 

Registration is now being accepted. 

The Pre-College Japanese Language Program offers non-credit weekend Japanese language classes and lessons for high school students and interested adults in the community. (You need to be 15 years old or older.) It is a part of the outreach effort of the Japan Center at Stony Brook University. All the teachers and teaching assistants are native speakers of Japanese (mainly international students from Japan at Stony Brook University). The classes are held Sunday mornings in the Social and Behavioral Science Building on campus during the spring and fall semesters.


  • Japan Society Junior FellowsKyle DiPietrantonio (2015); Claudia A. Motley (2016)
  • Japan Center Annual Essay Competition Winners: Claire Shapiro and Louis Herman (11th Competition)
  • Speech Contest Winners:
    • 2015 Speech Contest Winners: 1st Place: Carrie Laurino; 2nd Place: Caroline LeBrun 

    • 2014 Speech Contest Winners1st Place Winner:Grace Cimazewski; 2nd Place Winners: Kyle DiPietrantonio & Carolyn Laurino; 3rd Place Winner: Autumn Sharrar; Honorable Mention:Luke Golden & Tess Stundis 

    • 2013 Speech Contest Winners: 1st Place Winners: Annie McNulty & Allison Varca; 2nd Place Winner: Cassie Arnemann; 3rd Place Winners: Grace Cimazewski and Autumn Sharrar; Honorable Mention: Samantha Streeter; Young Ambassador Award: Kazuo Nakamura  

    • 2012 Speech Contest Winners1st Place Winner: Allison Varca; 2nd Place Winners: Olivia Mignon and Anne McNulty; 3rd Place Winner: Grace Cimaszewski

    • 2011 Speech Contest Winners: 1st Place Winner: Allison Varca; 2nd Place Winner: Olivia Mignon and Anna Shapiro; 3rd Place Winners: Jonathan Maresca, Caitlyn Sullivan, and Grace Cimaszewski; Honorable Mention: Amanda Sulz, Kyle O’Connor, and Jarryd Nelson

    • 2010 Speech Contest Winners: 1st Place: Shannon Voelkel; 2nd Place: Griffin Clair; 3rd Place: Olivia Mignon; Honorable Mention: Jonathan Maresca and Holly Ziet 



The Japan Center at Stony Brook• Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY 11794-5343 • Phone: 631.632.9477• Fax: 631.632.4098 
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