Pre-College Japanese Language Program

Things the Teachers Should Remember:

  • Ask your students what they want to learn the most on the first day of classes, and also from time to time.

  • Be punctual. Start your class right on time. Never end your class before the set time.  

  • Work on multiple aspects of language skills each time. For example, if you just teach hiragana writing for one hour, any student will get bored. So, for example, start with a free conversation in Japanese, check homework, take questions, work on reading a little, work on writing a little, and work on practices such as role-play, tasks, drills, and conversations. It is also important to let your students repeat after you for new words and phrases, so they can hear native speakers’ pronunciations and try to mimic them.

  • At the end of each class, summarize what you taught and assign homework.

  • The SBS building has Wi-Fi. You can bring your laptop if you want to show some websites or images to teach Japanese culture. If you are teaching a group, you can also use the projector.

  • Check your students’ face, to see whether he/she looks understanding materials and enjoying the lesson, OR being bored, puzzled, or frustrated. Of course, you must change your strategy if the latter is the case, especially for those who are teaching only one student at a time.

  • Most of your students are adults or high school students, but if your students are young, please talk with their parents after every class, telling them about the progress and assignments. It is a good idea to involve parents if they are native speakers. Ask your students to use certain words and phrases at home with their parents. Ask them to read something aloud or sing a song in Japanese in front of their parents and receive their signature on a card, etc.

  • After each class, on the same day, please email the director on the same day to summarizing what you did and how you felt. The director will respond to you if there is anything that can be helpful for your teaching. Feel free to ask any questions or raise any issues. Also add hours on Solar on the same day. The director must approve them within 24 hours.

  • The calendar is posted on the website. Be careful when the time changes (daylight savings).

  • After your last class, erase the board, straighten the desks, and make sure to close the door (due to the automatic locking system). The classrooms will be automatically locked at 12:10 noon. 

  • Dress appropriately

The Japan Center at Stony Brook• Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY 11794-5343 • Phone: 631.632.9477• Fax: 631.632.4098