Pre-College Japanese Language Program

Job Opportunities for SBU full-time Students

Looking for full-time students at Stony Brook University who are native speakers of Japanese and are enthusiastic, creative, responsible, punctual, caring, open-minded, and interested in teaching Japanese to American children and adults. If you'd like to work, follow the following steps:

Step 1: Application

Please e-mail the director (Eriko Sato) with the following information. Then, the director will arrange an interview.

  1. Name (both in romaji and kanji/kana)
  2. Contact (email and telephone #)
  3. Major and academic standing (e.g. psychology, junior, etc.)
  4. Experience in teaching
  5. Future professional goal
  6. The reason why you are interested in this job
  7. How long did you live in Japan and how long have you been living in the US?
  8. Which region(s) in Japan did you live? (e.g. 10 years in Osaka; 7 years in Kyushu)
  9. When do you plan to graduate from Stony Brook University?
  10. Do you have a social security card?
  11. Do you live on campus?
Step 2: Social Security Card

If you do not have a social security card, receive a letter that shows that you’ll be hired in the Pre-College Japanese Program from the director, and bring it to Visa and Immigration Services ( You will receive the instruction on how to apply for the social security card. It takes a few weeks to obtain the card after you apply for it at one of the social security card office on Long Island. For more information about Social Security Card, visit: 

Immediately after you receive a social security card, bring it to the registrar's office in the administration building on campus so your social security number can be added on the Solar system and inform it to the director, so she can make an assignment on Solar.

Step 3: Prepare I-9 & tax documents

After you work, prepare I-9 and tax forms:

I-9 and tax forms:

Fill out the following documents, which are available on the wall at the Human Resource Services at Room 390 in the administration building (

Take the completed I-9 and tax forms to Human Resources (HR) at Admin 390 along with the supporting original identification documents for I-9 within 3 days after you add hours on Solar. Tell them that you are hired in the Pre-College Japanese Program as a student assistant (STATE), added hours on Solar, and need to have your I-9 verified and submit it along with tax forms. A staff member at HR will make a copy of your identification documents and return them to you right away. International students will have to bring their I-20 form also. 

Step 4: Add hours on Solar

Discuss with the director and add hours on the Timesheet on Solar. (max. 5 hours per day, 20 hours per week)

Step 5: Direct Deposit

After you receive the first check, apply for direct deposit within two weeks. You’ll need to bring the paystub and your bank statement.

Things the Teachers Should Remember

The Japan Center at Stony Brook• Stony Brook University, Stony Brook, NY 11794-5343 • Phone: 631.632.9477• Fax: 631.632.4098 
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