2012 PrecollegePre-College Japanese Language Program

Annual Speech Contest Winners

2012 Speech Contest: 1st Place Winner: Allison Varca; 2nd Place Winners: Olivia Mignon and Anne McNulty; 3rd Place Winner: Grace Cimaszewski

2011 Speech Contest: 1st Place Winner: Allison Varca; 2nd Place Winner: Olivia Mignon and Anna Shapiro; 3rd Place Winners: Jonathan Maresca, Caitlyn Sullivan, and Grace Cimaszewski; Honorable Mention: Amanda Sulz, Kyle O’Connor, and Jarryd Nelson * Younger students, college students, and adult students also did a great job!

2010 Speech Contest Winners: 1st Place: Shannon Voelkel (Muttituck-Cutchogue High School); 2nd Place: Griffin Clair (Ward Melville High School); 3rd Place: Olivia Mignon (Cold Spring Harbor High School); Honorable Mention: Jonathan Maresca (South Huntington High School) and Holly Ziet (Herricks High School)     


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