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Upcoming Events 

March 11 - July 5, 2015 (Wang Center)



March 14, 2015 (Wang Center)

garden 2


March 25, 2015 (Wang Center)



April 14, 2015 (Wang Center)


April 15, 2015 (Wan Center)

make ramen

Sakura Matsuri May 3, 2015, (Wang Center)



May 15, 2015 (Wang Center)



Past Events

Japanese New Year's Celebration Gala

(January 17th, 2015, Benten Japanese Restaurant)

Photo gallery


Visual Journals from Asia 

visional journals from asia

The Early 20th Century Prints and Etchings of Paul Jacoulet, Elizabeth Keith & Lilian Miller

September 18, 2014 — January 10, 2015

Skylight Gallery

Intercontinental travel, communication, and cultural exchanges have become routine in the 

age of globalization — yet only a century ago, Westerners with in-depth experience about Asia and Asian cultures were few and far between. Visual Journals From Asia presents etchings and woodblock prints by Paul Jacoulet (France, 1896-1960), Elizabeth Keith (UK, 1887-1956) and Lilian May Miller (USA, 1895-1943), three artists in the early twentieth century who spent significant parts of their lives and careers in Asia, including visits to Japan, China, Mongolia, Korea, the Philippines and the islands of the South Seas. This exhibition explores distinctive ways in which these artists' works were shaped by their experiences of travel and cross-cultural encounters, and raises broader questions about intercultural lives and perspectives.

Organized by Jinyoung Jin, Associate Director of Cultural Programs at the Charles B. Wang Center, the exhibition was made possible through the generous loan from Dr. Young-dahl Song Collection, and support from the Japan Center at Stony Brook University. 

Three Alternate Visions of East Asia

(Thursday, November 20, 2014, 11:30 am, Wang Center Lecture Hall 1)

Three Alternate Visions of East Asia

 Organized by the Wang Center and co-sponsored by the Japan Center at Stony Brook

One-on-one career consultation for Japanese/English Bilinguals

Wednesday, November 12, 2014, 10 am - 5 pm, Charles B. Wang Center Meeting Room 102

Organized by TOP Group and the JCSB

TOP Group Nov 12 2014

Congratulations to Stony Brook students for being accepted to the 2014 JET Program!

Claire Angel 
Susan Campos 
Sarah Gilbert 
Sean Harris
Melani Tiongson 

Health and Wellness Program 

(Sunday, October 6, 2014)


Recognition of JCSB Essay Competition Award Winners

(Saturday, May 24, 2014, at Ambassador & Mrs. Kusaka's residence )

May 24 2014


Sakura Matsuri: Cherry Blossom Festival 

(Saturday, May 3, 2014, Wang Center) 



Pre-College Japanese Program Student Presentation 

(Sunday, May 11, 2014, Wang Center Lecture Room 1)


JCSB Essay Competition Award Ceremony and Annual Meeting

(Sunday, April 6, 2014, Wang Center, Chapel)

 9th group

Kenichi Ebina (performance)

Organized by the Wang Center, co-sponsored by the JCSB (Thursday, March 27, 2014)

kenichi ebina


Japanese New Year's Gala

(Saturday, January 11th, 2014, Benten Japanese Restaurant)

Shinnenka 2014 

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