News and Events - Year 2010

 January 9, 2010: New Year's Gala (Shinnenkai)

Benten Japanese Restaurant; Organized by the JCSB and Long Island Japanese Association.

April 24, 2010: Sakura Matsuri (Cherry Blossom Festival)

Wang Center; Organized by the JCSB and Ryu Shu Kan.



May 1, 2010: 5th Annual JCSB Essay Competition Award Ceremony    Click here. 


July 31 - August 6, 2010: The 2010 Origami Heaven Exhibition and Festival

Wang Center

Organized by the Wang Center. Cosponsored with the JCSB.


September 1, 2010: Teacher Education Programs for Chinese and Japanese

Stony Brook University has launched an undergraduate teacher education program in Japanese leading to New York State initial teaching certification and the B.A. degree in Asian and Asian American Studies: Adolescent Education–Japanese, Grades 7 – 12

Click here to see the article on Happenings.

November 3, 2010: JET-Program Information Seminar

Wang Center Lecture Hall 1

November 13, 2010: Kenny Endo Gateway: Ma vs. Groove

Wang Center

Organized by Wang Center. Cosponsored with the JCSB.


November 30, 2010: "Is Japan Progressing or Regressing?"

Lecture by Ambassador Motoatsu Sakurai

Wang Center Theater



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