News and Events - 2008

January 19, 2008: New Year's Gala


April 8, 2008: Symposium: Asian Languages and the Professions

Click here.  Wang Center; Cosponsored by the U.S. Department of Education, Department of Asian and Asian American Studies, the Center for India Studies, The Japan Center at Stony Brook, The Center for Korean Studies, The China Studies Program, The Program in Korean Studies, The Program in Japanese Studies, The Pre-College Japanese Language Program.

April 26, 2008: 3rd JCSB Essay Competition Award Ceremony   Click here. 

May 3, 2008: Sakura Matsuri (Cherry Blossom Festival) 

Click here.

Wang Center; Organized by the JCSB and Ryu Shu Kan.

Cosponsored with RICOH Corporation, Atlantic Business Products, and Bi-Lo Industries. Beginning with the thunder of Ryu Shu Taiko & the Stony Brook Taiko Tides, the day is filled with exciting activities for children and adults. Exhibitions of Bonsai, Sumi-e (Japanese Ink painting), Sho-Do (calligraphy), Raku-Yaki (pottery), Shibori(tie-dye clothes), Handmade handbags for kimono and Haiku poetry will be displayed throughout the day. Special Guest Artist is Kaoru Watanabe, Japanese Flute & Taiko Player, formerly of internationally renowned Kodo Taiko, collaborating with Long Island’s own Ryu Shu Taiko. Masayo Ishigure and her Koto group,Miyabi, will once again grace the stage with the sounds of the Koto & Shamisen. Ms. Ishigure was featured on the soundtrack of “Memoirs of a Geisha”, and has played with prestigious symphony orchestras around the world. The modern art of Hip-Hop dance will be presented by Kenichi Ebina, 5 time winner of the Hip-Hop Dance competition at the famed Apollo theatre in Harlem, NYC. Martial Arts demonstrations will include Okinawan Karate, Japanese Kendo (fencing), Tameshigiri (sword cutting) and an exhibition of a complete set of 17th century (reproduction) Samurai Armor. Activities for children will include Origami, Anime Cosplayand dress in Japanese Kimono. For adults, there will be an opportunity to partake in the Japanese Tea ceremony “Cha No Yu” presented by the Omote Senke School of Tea, NYC; and listen to classical court music. Performances and lectures of classical, folk & modern dance, and Koto & Shakuhachi music will be presented throughout the day.

August 2-8, 2008: 4th Annual Origami Heaven Festival

Wang Center

Organized by the Wang Center and Long Island Folding Enthusiasts (LIFE). Cosponsored with the JCSB.


October 3, 2008: The JET Program Information Seminar

Wang Center Meeting Room 201; Co-sponsored by the Consulate General of Japan in New York, the Program in Japanese Studies, the Japan Center at Stony Brook, International Academic Program, Department of Asian and Asian American Studies, and Career Center.  

Octobrer 23, 2008 "HUNGER": Dance and Music by Eiko and Koma

Wang Center; Co-commissioned by the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis. Produced by Inta, Inc. in association with the Asia Society. Co-sponsored by the Wang Center and the JCSB.

New York-based Japanese contemporary choreographers and dancers Eiko and Koma reunite with their protégés Charian and Peace, two Cambodian visual artists-turned-performers, to explore the visceral subject of hunger. Hunger revisits Eiko and Koma's groundbreaking and controversial Grain, which explored this self-same theme more than 20 years ago. Now expanded to a quartet that incorporates Javanese Gamelan music and live painting, Hungeraddresses not only our survival but also our essential desires: At any age, we are all hungry for knowledge, innocence, beauty, and intimacy. Hunger is a Joyce Theater 25th anniversary commission. "As much of a tour de force as we have come to expect of these distinguished artists, who remain in the forefront of contemporary dance by virtue of their daring, imagination and originality... The power of their work derives, aside from the prodigious muscular and rhythmic control of the performances, from the uncompromising purity of their vision"–The Washington Post. October 22, 2008: Delicious Movement Workshop 12:45 pm to 2:10 pm



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