News and Events - Year 2007

January 20, 2007 New Year's Celebration Gala

Wang Center Theater Lobby

Synthia Nyoen Chaffee (Shakuhachi) Junko Nagahama Fisher (Okinawa Dance)

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February 24, 2007: Taikoza: Japanese Drums and Music 8 p.m. 

Like rolling thunder, Taikoza, the internationally renowned performance group, uses the powerful rhythms of the Japanese Taiko drums to take audiences to a new dimension of excitement. Artistic director Marco Lienhard, a Swiss native, brings an electrifying energy to this ancestral form, transcending national boundaries. In the past decade Taikoza has performed at some of the world’s most renowned halls including Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center, Boston Symphony Hall, Suntory Hall in Tokyo, and Osaka Festival Hall. Innovating on a fifteen century old Japanese tradition of music and performance, Taikoza creates a new sound using a variety of drums of assorted sizes, and Japanese wood winds - the shakuhachi, and the fue. Brace yourself for a powerful performance! An East Wind Production.

Cosponsored with the JCSB and Taiko Tides

April 28, 2007: JCSB Annual Meeting & 2nd Essay Competition Award Ceremony/Reception

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May 5, 2007: "Sakura Matsuri" (Cherry Blossom Festival)

Charles B. Wang Center Japan Center presented Ryushukan's "2007 Long Island Sakura Matsuri" at the Charles B. Wang Center. This event was co-sponsored by the Japan Center at Stony Brook, the Charles B. Wang Center, Japan Foundation, and the Consulate General of Japan, New York. The Festival attracted more than 500 attendees from local communities, who enjoyed a variety of performances, workshops, film shows and exhibitions. The cherry trees at the Wang Center were full bloom in a nice spring weather, which contributed to the great success of this event. Click here for more information.

May 21, 2007: The Tentaroh Inoh Collection

The Tentaroh Inoh Collection was dedicated to the Stony Brook University and housed in the Melville Library The Program in Japanese Studies and Stony Brook University Library announced the acquisition of the Tentaroh Inoh Collection in Japanese Studies. The books were donated to Stony Brook University by the late Professor Tentaroh Inoh (1915-2003), renowned historian and collector of rare books. The collection contains more than 40,000 Japanese volumes on history, literature, philosophy, anthropology, archaeology, religion, linguistics, and political science, including numerous reference books. The "Inoh Collection" has been housed in the Melville Library, Room N4065. The ribbon-cutting dedication ceremony was held on May 21, 2007 in the presence of Professor Inoh's son, Mr. Shizuo Inoh, and formally opened to the public.


July 28, 2007: Ryushukan's Japanese Summer Festival, "Natsu Matsuri"

Martha Clara Vineyard, Riverhead

Featuring shakuhachi performance, "Bon Odori" workshop, "Origami" workshop, "temaki sushi" workshop, sugarworks demonstration, marshal art exhibition, koto performance (Ms. Masayo Ishigure), "bonsai" demonstration, and "Bon Odori" with Ryushu Daiko performance.

August 1-8, 2007: Third Annual Origami Exhibition & Festival:

Wang Center

After two highly successful festivals, the Charles B. Wang Center, Long Island Folding Enthusiasts (LIFE), and the Japan Center are very excited about this year’s festival which promises to be a true Origami Heaven! Oriland: A mind-blowing exhibition by Yuri and Katrin Shumakov ( features Origami clowns and goblins, beautiful flower arrangements (Oribana), and sprawling medieval castles. This exhibition is a visual feast of amazing creativity, artistry, and talent. August 1–8, Wang Center, Room 201 Origami Heaven Festival This day-long festival features: 1. Storigami performances by renowned storytellers. 2. Traditional Japanese tea ceremony. 3. Short films, 6 Artists ON ORIGAMI and Origametria, from Green Fuse Films. 4. Body Wrapping: Origami master and certified Kimono dresser, June Sakamoto demonstrates the art of kimono dressing. 5. Greeting card workshop by acclaimed Origami artist, Sok Song. 6. Festival crown, in a whole new format and with an important message. 7. The very popular Puppet portal is back this year! 8. Teaching tables where you can come and learn, fold, and play with paper! Suitable for all ages! (Groups of 15 or more must pre-register by e-mailing Wednesday, August 8, Wang Center

September 27, October 9, 15, and November 8, 28, 2007: Japanese Movie Shows

Wang Center Theater

Organized by the JCSB and the Wang Center. Co-sponsored with the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute.

Sept. 27

The Sea Is Watching

Oct. 9

1 Litre of Teas

Oct. 15


Nov. 8

When a Woman Ascends the Stairs

Nov. 28

The Last Atomic Bomb: a Survivor's Story

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October 6, 2007: "MOURNING"

Dance and Music by Eiko & Koma, and Tan

Wang Center Theater

Butoh-inspired MacArthur “Genius” awardees Eiko & Koma collaborate with acclaimed avant-garde pianist Margaret Leng Tan in celebrating their idiosyncratic styles and spirits. Delving into themes and images associated with dislocation, death and mourning, this fusion of dance and music allow intimacy and inspiration, evoking the depth of the ocean and the density of a remote forest. “Deep inside our dance are ancient memories that we hope people can sense and share, even if they do not remember from where and when” – Eiko and Koma

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