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aJanuary 29, 2006: Japanese New Year's Celebration Gala

Wang Center

Japanese foods, Shishimai (The Japanese Folk Dance Institute of New York), Screening of Kohaku Utagassen (NHK's Japanese music program). Special Guests from Consulate General of Japan in New York

Organized by the JCSB, Long Island Japanese Association


March 28, 2006: Piano Journey in Japan by Junko Ueno Garrett

Wang Center Theater

Sponsored by the Japanese Consulate General in New York) “An Artist of Exceptional Talent and Skill” – La Montagne, France, “Virtuosic and Committed” – San Antonio Express News, Texas USA, “Beautiful Lyricism and Wonderful Technique” – Kanagawa Shinbun, Japan “Piano Journey in Japan” starts with a historical overview of Western music in Japan before the Meiji Restoration (1868). The program begins with the first Japanese piano piece, composed by Rentaro Taki in 1900. She discusses and performs some of the key Japanese piano pieces from the 20th century, dividing the program into two sections: before and after the World War II for each half.

April 29, 2006: The JCSB Annual Meeting & Award Ceremony for 1st JCSB-Canon Essay Competition

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November 16 & 29, 2006: Japanese Movie Shows  

Charles B. Wang Center

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Shinobi Nana



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