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Common Data Set

The Common Data Set (CDS) is a set of standards and definitions of data items that four-year colleges and universities provide to publishers and other organizations. Use of the CDS is voluntary. For more information, see the Common Data Set Initiative. Stony Brook University attempts to make the CDS available in December of every year.

Years Available

2012 - 2013:  PDF| XLS
2013 - 2014:  PDF | XLS
2014 - 2015:  PDF | XLS
2015 - 2016: PDF | XLS
2016 - 2017: PDF | XLS 

-Common Data Set 2015-16 section B & I updated on 5/06/16
-Common Data Set section B3 updated on 4/10/15.
-Common Data Set section H updated on 4/17/15.
-CDS Section F1 revised for fall 2012, fall 2013 & fall 2014 on 6/2/15. Revisions are made for out of state and housing percentages.

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