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What is Science Works? 
Science Works is a new semester-long internship program for PhD students. Students will intern with partner organizations for six to ten hours a week while continuing their thesis research. Participants will gain real-world experience and receive structured professional development without extending time to degree. The ideal participants are PhD candidates in the sciences who have engaged in meaningful career development and can articulate how a Science Works internship would support their career goals.

In this initial pilot, Science Works will offer a limited number of internship placements with our partner employers in a range of career arenas, from communicating science to policy to biotech start ups. Placements will be determined through an application process, with selection and placement based on demonstrated career interest relevant to the internship, fit of interests and skills, and a reasonable work plan for continuing their thesis research.

Structured Professional Development
Science Works interns will also participate in a series of professional development workshops supporting their career preparation on such topics as time management, understanding workplace culture, and resume crafting.

Program Benefits:

  • Course credit for 6-10 hours of work per week at a local job site
  • Resume-building experience outside your research group
  • Professional development training for your intended career
  • $1000 per semester in research development funds*
  • End-of-semester Science Works Showcase where participants present on their experience
*For students who advance Science Works' diversity goal

Research Development Funds
Limited research development funds of up to $1000 will be available for students who further Science Works' goal of diversifying the scientific workforce. Funds may be used to support the student’s research and continued professional development, such as research materials and equipment or conference expenses. 

Who Can Apply? 
Eligible applicants are SBU PhD students in the sciences who have advanced to candidacy (typically 3rd year and above), and can commit 6-10 hours a week for the whole semester. See How To Apply for more details.

Internship Sites Include:

  • Alan Alda Center for Communicating Science
  • Center for Biotechnology
  • SBU Office of Government and Community Relations 
  • SBU Office of Technology Transfer
5PM on JULY 28, 2017


What Your Advisor May Want to Know:

  • This internship is unpaid, but participants will enroll in Practicum credit. 
  • Participants will continue their thesis research according the submitted work plan.
  • The internship will include structured reflection and evaluation at the mid- and end-points, following SBU’s expectations for experiential learning.
  • Participants will receive professional development that will strengthen their research performance as well as long-term career prospects.
  • Some participants’ research groups will receive $1000* to support the student’s continuing research development during the internship period, e.g., materials, equipment, travel.
  • Advisors are invited to attend the Science Works Showcase to see students’ progress and network with employers.
  • Science Works is housed in the IREP Office, and sponsored by IREP, the Center for Inclusive Education, and the Office of the President. 
  • If you asked to submit a letter of reference on behalf of your student, the letter should address the applicant's suitability and preparedness for his/her desired internship/s in the context of our selection criteria. Your letter may be sent via e-mail to

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