PhD Career Ladder Program 

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What is the PhD Career Ladder Program?   The Stony Brook University PhD Career Ladder Program, or PCLP, is an eight-step grad student-led career mentoring program for PhD students. Developed by graduate students, for graduate students, PCLP helps students set aside a few hours each month to focus on their career plan. The eight monthly meetings guide students "up the ladder" of career exploration from self-assessment to career research and skill identification, to resume building and job search preparation. PCLP was founded by graduate students in the MCB program, where they hold a PCLP program for MCB students. 

The Graduate Career Association and the IREP Office sponsor a university-wide PCLP for the graduate students in all disciplines. 

Who should participate? Senior graduate students in any discipline who are starting to think about their career next steps after graduation. PCLP can help you plan for any career field you might be considering, whether inside or outside of academia, and can help you add career development goals to your annual IDP.  

How can I learn more? Contact the the program at, or attend our information sessions in August and September. 

When will it start? PCLP runs annually during the academic year for eight months starting in October. Watch for info session in August and September to learn more. 

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