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Workshop Wednesdays

iCREATE hosts workshops on technology, art, business, and media run by our student staff. Workshops are held biweekly during campus lifetime and are open to the entire Stony Brook community. RSVP below, however walk-ins are welcome too.  We will also be serving snacks during the workshops.

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Upcoming Workshop Wednesdays

Water-transfer printing 

Transfer an image or patter you create onto a 3D object or surface. Also known as hydro-dipping


Previous Workshop Wednesdays 

3D Modeling | Intro to Raspberry Pi | Pillow Making | 3D Printed Accessories | Intro to Arduinos | Image Editing | Maker Mentality | Silk Screening | Marketing Yourself | App Development | Drones | Web Development | DIY Virtual Reality Goggles | DIY Phone Projector | Glue Guns Projects | Sewing 101 |

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