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Note: The India Study Abroad Program will not be available in 2012.

The Center for India Studies through the State University of New York, Stony Brook, offers a Study Abroad program based in Bangalore, India. Renowned for innovative design, effi­cient organization, and cultural richness, this unique program is open to undergraduate students from around the world.

Bangalore is a high-tech city, emblem of globaliza­tion, outsourcing, and R & D home to major multi­national corporations. Yet, it preserves much of traditional Indian culture. Bangalore is also famous for its pleasant summer climate, welcom­ing people, and active social scene.

Students earn an entire semester's worth of credits at a cost lower than if they lived on campus, while taking part in a life-changing experience. Courses are taught by outstanding faculty from Stony Brook and Bangalore Universities. Small classes, caring, personal attention, opportunities to make lasting friendships.

New Horizon College of Engineering                                    

Students take 4 courses for 12 credits: Art & Architecture of India Democracy & Pluralism in India Social Change in Modern India Experiencing Contemporary Indian Culture.

Courses are complemented by field trips to places of interest such as Mysore (city of arts, culture, graceful public architecture, and palaces), Srirangapattana (scene of Tippu Sultan's palace and battle with the British), Belur, Halebidu, (featuring 900-year old temples with magnificent sculptures), Shravanabelagola (Jain holy pilgrimage site), Hampi (relics of Vijayanagar empire). Students also visit several villages and study NGOs projects in rural health, literacy and women's empowerment. They also attend music, dance, and theater performances, workshops, a wedding, and seminars in Bangalore, and interact with Indian students, writers, artists, intellectuals, politicians, social activists, and business leaders. Fun includes visit to a wildlife preserve, a bird sanc­tuary, parties and clubs. Very comfortable living and learning arrangements.

The following are some responses to the program from previous years' students:

"Opportunity of a life time I have forged life­long friendships....My life is now divided into 2 categories, before Bangalore and after Bangalore, [started] me on a path that will be many more journeys to India"

"Outstanding professors "

"I have acquired a new family"

"Astounded by the openness and generosity of those around us"

"Visiting India involves discovering a part of yourself by discovering a part of the world. The most thought-provoking experience of my college career."

"Unique and special, enriching, enlightening, and life-changing"

"It was the best experience of my life."

Study Abroad Scholarships

The Center for India Studies offers a number of $500 and $1000 scholarships on merit/need basis to students accepted into the Study Abroad program. All students including out of state are eligible to apply. The funds for these scholarships are donated by members of the Executive Committee of the India Studies Foundation. Over the last three years, the following individuals have generously sustained this program:
Dr. Nirmal Mattoo and Mrs. Tina Matoo, Dr. Budhadev Manvar and Dr. Dolly Manvar, Mr. Sudhesh Mukhi and Dr. Sudha Mukhi Mr. Ravi Shankar Bhooplapur and Mrs Jaya Bhooplapur, Dr. Krishna Gujavarty and Mrs. Prabha Gujavarty

Recipients of the Study Abroad Scholarships

Mira Kinariwala
Samir Khanijo
Rohit Das
Tarika Roongsri
Kristina Musial-Aderer
Ketura Kestin
Kelly Bowman
Neerav Trivedi
Shafayet Reza

Barbara Karagiannis
Raymond Asha Chacko
Lindsey Verghese
Danielle Gell
Chris Zvokel
Snehal Katre
Rohit Repala
Mekhala Shastri
Rabita Jehan
Shao-Ming Wei
Roma Marshall

Shivraj, Bhosle
Marlene Cintron
Tejas Gawade
Valeria Gallo
Viswamitra Maharaj
Marc Niola

Natalie Allen
Uma Rohini Bissoon
Geraldine Blanco
Amy Chin
Jobin Joseph
Krystine Olszewski
Cassandra Peterson
Rama Vinayagasundaram

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